VP and GM of Groupon Goods Leaves for New Job

Faisal Masud, VP and GM of Groupon Goods, the e-commerce arm of Groupon, will be leaving the company later on in the month, his new job is unbeknownst to most and that has triggered a lot of speculation where a top level Groupon employee would go next. From Groupon to … Some source are indicating

Deal: Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Now Gets a $50 Price Reduction

The tablet market is currently crowded with all sorts of tablets, ranging from budget sized tablets to full fledged large sized tablets. However, one must agree that it’s the budget range tablets that make the most noise around for the obvious reason that they offer more bang for the buck. Among such tablets are the

Sprint Galaxy Note II On Offer for $149.99 on Amazon Wireless

The Galaxy Note II is one of Samsung’s premier smartphones. Although its enormous size is a double edged sword, the device has more going for it than any other flagship right now. The device is being sold for about $299.99 with a 2 year contract on most American carriers. But what if you’re getting a

16GB LG Nexus 4 Now Available for $499 on Daily Steals

The Nexus 4 is the new lady in town with every potential Android user trying to get his/her hands on it. Although Google’s launching of the device was plagued by certain issues, the demand for the device has certainly not gone down. Importers in various countries of Europe and Asia are selling the device at

Sprint’s Black Friday Deals

Yesterday we brought you Verizon’s Black Friday deals and what AT&T has said about their Black Friday deals. Today it’s Sprint’s turn. Sprint has the Google Nexus S 4G and the Samsung Conquer free with a new two year agreement. You can pick up the Nexus S 4G in stores and online. The Conquer 4G

AT&T Sort Of Announces What’s In Store For Black Friday

Mums the word on exactly what devices and what the prices will be but AT&T tells us that we can look forward to  “Touchscreen devices, including tablets, starting at unbelievable prices” on Black Friday. In stores on Saturday AT&T has all Windows 7 phones and select Android devices at $.01 (of course on a new