LG G4 availability and pricing roundup: Amazon, Best Buy and all the carriers

Oh, how rumors can distort the truth sometimes. Remember what “credible” insiders said about LG G4’s prospective valuation on the eve of the superb smartphone’s announcement? Shame on us for believing for a second Korea’s first manufacturer runner-up would ever think of topping Samsung’s prices. Still, nobody could have predicted LG’s extreme generosity, as the

Best affordable Android smartphones already on Lollipop

According to official Android distribution numbers harvested by Google during the week leading to May 4, a measly 9.7 percent of all devices with the world’s most popular mobile OS inside run 5.0 or 5.1 Lollipop. That’s certainly disappointing, given 5.0 source code was freely disseminated back in early November 2014 and Android M’s “final”

Best sub-$100 unlocked Android smartphones

It’s odd, but while a Benjamin can buy a pretty well-balanced tablet from a few manufacturers everyone’s heard of, finding a solid ultra-low-cost Android smartphone is still tricky business. Sure, there’s always the prepaid route, not to mention the possibility of signing two-year contracts to slash prices north of $500 to sub-$100. But it goes

Best ultra-affordable prepaid smartphones for 2015

Seeing as how the race to the bottom is heating up by the day as far as Android smartphone retail costs are concerned, a refresh of our best sub-$100 prepaid device list from April 2014 was probably long overdue. To make that abundantly clear, just one member of last year’s magnificent low-cost seven made the

The ten best (and cheapest) Android gadgets to buy post-holidays

One of the most irritating, debated, often echoed and outright bogus myths of the 21st century retail world is the so-called post-holidays slump. Slump, slip, decline, recession, whatever, it’s just not real. Yes, some people tighten the belt after excessively spending during the holidays, and some retailers avoid January price cuts after slimming down their

Android 5.0.1

Top 8 Budget Tablets to look for this Holiday Season

Are you looking to pick up a tablet as a gift this holiday season, but cannot afford anything super expensive? Well, there are plenty of Android tablets out there available that fit those on a low-budget! You do not have to spend a whole lot of money to get a decent tablet either–companies like Google


LG G3 review and holiday deals

The LG G 2 was a phenomenal smartphone–there were a lot of people that were amazed when it was first revealed. Things have gotten better since then, though. Enter, the LG G3, just about anything you could ever want in a smartphone. While some might complain that there is not much of a significant difference

Top 10 Smartphones to Look Out For This Black Friday

The holidays are quickly on their way, with great technology deals trailing close behind. This year we have seen a countless amount of sweet gadgets, and in just a few weeks, those gadgets will be getting huge sticker price cuts! Between Black Friday and Cyber Monday, the amount of money you could save is unbelievable.

Deal: Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition on Woot! for $364

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 Edition might have been succeeded with the company’s 12.2-inch Galaxy NotePRO and the Galaxy TabPRO series of tablets, but it still one of the most feature-packed 10-inch tablets on the market. Today, the tablet is on sale at Woot!, where the 16GB variant is available for $364 instead of $479,