Best Bluetooth headsets of 2020 (so far)

If you thought ranking the world’s best Android smartphones, tablets, or wearable devices was difficult, considering the ever-increasing competition. The sheer sizes of the three markets and diversity of consumer preferences and budgets, we’d like to see you try to compile a mobile accessory top picks’ list. There are so many things to factor in

Best Bluetooth cell phone headsets available today

Admit it; you don’t often think of accessories whenever in the market for a new smartphone or tablet. But if you’re wise, you remember to save a couple of hundred bucks for a decent power bank, nice external speaker, and especially a Bluetooth headset. You don’t want to be pulled over and get a ticket

Best mobile Bluetooth keyboard accessories for your Android tablet

Let’s be frank; we were all a little wary of tablet PCs when they first emerged as “laptop replacements.” Clearly, they had nothing on traditional computers in terms of power and productivity, merely standing out with compact form factors and, iPads notwithstanding, affordability. Only even the latter forte didn’t seem enough to make a stand

Top 10 super-slim smartphones you can actually buy today

The world’s thinnest smartphone title has become a thorny affair in recent years, as new contenders pop up out of nowhere once every few weeks. Most of the time, no-name Chinese manufacturers are behind these designs that defy gravity common sense, and the goal is to score free publicity for future products with the better

Best back-to-school Android tablets for 2016

As smartphones grow in size and affordability, and laptops shrink their prices to stay afloat, tablets find themselves in a seemingly inescapable chokehold. The textbook definition of a passing fad, they rapidly soared half a decade back at the expense of uninspired netbooks, and are now in the process of becoming obsolete as “the next

Fire TV

[Deal] $25 off on the Amazon Fire TV Gaming Edition

You can now get the #Amazon #FireTV Gaming Edition with a smooth $25 discount, which brings the price down to just $114.99. The pricing seems to be valid until the end of the Holidays, although you might want to reserve your unit right away in order to get it in time. The Fire TV Gaming Edition

Amazon Echo

[Deal] Amazon Echo selling for just $149.99 ($30 off)

The #AmazonEcho is now selling for just $149.99, which is a $30 discount on its regular asking price. The Echo is Amazon’s personal assistant for your home and can offer you quick updates on the weather, offer sports scores and even play your favorite music by simply listening to your voice. It comes with a set

Fire TV

[Deal] Amazon Fire TV and tablets discounted for Black Friday

#Amazon has officially announced its Black Friday promotions where it is offering devices like the #FireTV, #FireTVStick, Fire HD 6 as well as the 7 inch Fire tablet on the cheap. It’s good to know that the world’s largest e-commerce retailer has thrown its hat in the ring for Black Friday. Some of these deals are

Google and Nexus team tease Black Friday deals on Twitter

#BlackFriday is upon us and companies are announcing deals left and right. #Google however has decided to keep its upcoming deals a mystery with the Mountain View giant resorting to merely teasing the deals and not giving us any conclusive information at this point. Joining in on the tease is the #Nexus page, which responded to

[Deal] ZTE Axon now available for $199.99

The #ZTEAxon which was originally available for purchase at $449 has now received a massive price discount, which effectively gives you the handset for just $199.99. The device is regularly priced at $329.98, but Newegg is giving away the handset with this sizable discount using the coupon code EMCKKNR25. If you head over to ZTE’s official

SanDisk 200GB

[Deal] 200GB SanDisk microSD card now available for just $99.99

We recently spoke about a deal running on #Amazon for the #SanDisk 200GB microSD card. The deal offered the microSD card for just $135, which was pretty decent considering its original pricing. A quick look at Amazon now tells us that the same microSD card can now be bought for just $99.99, making it a tough deal

Amazon Logo

Amazon to stop its daily local deals program on December 18

#Amazon has just announced that its Daily Local Deals will officially end after the 18th of December, which means that customers will not be able to enjoy the popular deals service after that. But if you already have deal vouchers pending that have already been bought from Amazon (both online or from the app), those