Pokemon GO

T-Mobile offering unlimited data for Pokémon Go users

Pokémon GO is a sensation in the select few markets where it’s available. With the U.S. being one of them, T-Mobile has decided to offer some benefits for the users of the game. Starting next Tuesday, T-Mobile will offer its customers free data to play Pokémon GO. This means that your data usage will not be counted

Verizon Wireless Logo

Verizon to launch revamped data and pricing tiers on July 7

#Verizon Wireless will be revamping the pricing structure of its data plans starting this Thursday, July 7. A new leak has revealed that the carrier is looking to increase prices of its data plans while also offering more data than before. To start with, Verizon will start offering its customers with 2GB of 4G LTE

Verizon 1GB Holiday

Verizon will now let you gift 1GB of data to your contacts for $10

#VerizonWireless has just announced a new promotion that lets its subscribers gift 1GB of data to their loved ones for just $10. This promo can be found on the Verizon Messenger app under the eGifts section as well as the company’s official website. The charge will be billed to your Verizon account, so there won’t

AT&T now throttling Unlimited Data after 22GB

Although AT&T doesn’t offer #UnlimitedData to new customers anymore, those who had it beforehand are still able to use it. However, as the time passed, AT&T started throttling data speeds of these users after just 5GB had been used. The good news now is that the carrier has raised the cap to 22GB, which is more than

Verizon announces 18GB XXL data plan for $100

#Verizon has various tiers of data plans, known as small, medium, large and so on. The carrier has now announced a new XXL plan which comes with 18GB of sharable data with a price of $100/month. That’s quite competitive compared to what rival carriers are currently offering. T-Mobile however offers 18GB of unlimited data for $70/month,

The emergence of data-only SIM cards: Are voice plans on the decline?

Prepaid data-only SIM cards offer global data connectivity at low prices, undercutting the traditional business model of big telecommunication companies. But consumers win, in the end. Smartphones, connected wearable devices, and smart gadgets are on the rise. We have seen how Google is making an increased push into wearables, with Android Wear. And while connected

Nest Acquires MyEnergy

Nest the maker of the smart thermostat that allows you to remotely change the temperature via your iPhone, the company has recently acquired MyEnergy as per usual neither of the companies have disclosed the details of the deal. A press release said that the acquisition will help Nest reach its goal of helping its users

T-Mobile’s New ‘GoSmart’ Plan Being Tested In A Few Markets

T-Mobile has been in the headlines just about everywhere you like, and rightly so. They’ve had a lot of great announcements, promotional material and etc. This topic seems to fit right in with what we’ve been hearing this past week as well. The company announced that they would be removing subsidized pricing from their handsets starting

Millions Of AT&T Customers Overpaying For Data

AT&T’s data has been a hot news item as of late. They recently lost a small claims lawsuit by a customer who was throttled even though he had unlimited data for the iPhone.  Now, a study reported via consumer reports revealed that over half of AT&T’s customers may be paying too much for data. The

Sprint Ends Premiere Program Altogether.

Internally Sprint is promoting a “season of change” to both their employees and dealer partners. Earlier this week we reported that Sprint was doing away with their “bill to account” feature and now it looks like they’re premiere program. Sprint’s premiere program allowed Sprint’s best customers to get an annual upgrade rather than having to

Google Chromebook Verizon Wireless Data Pricing

As we all know the next installment of ChromeOS is headed to two new laptop devices called “Chromebooks”. Both Samsung and Acer are the launch partners for the new Chromebooks. The Samsung Chromebook launched this month and the Acer Chromebook launches in July. Both devices come with integrated 3G data capabilities powered by the Verizon

Android Out Does iOS When It Comes To Data According To Nielsen

Nielsen has released new data today regarding Android and the amount of data owners use. According to the report, Android owners use quite a bit of data over other platforms. On average owners of Android devices download around 582MB a month, which is only a little bit more than half a gigabyte. While owners of

Verizon Considering Shared Data Plans?

It looks as if Verizon is following in AT&T’s footsteps and has dropped their unlimited data plans for tiered structure. While this may sound like bad news there is a ray of hope. Verizon has also shown evidence that they may soon be offering shared data plans. While speaking at the Reuters Global Technology Summit,

SAI Receives Leaked Emails: Andy Rubin: Tracking Data Very Important

Business Insider has received some leaked emails from Larry Page that highlight how vitally important the location based tracking data is to Google. The emails obtained from Larry Page and other top Google Executives show that they need mobile tracking data to pick up where street view cars left off. Business Insider is reporting, via