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Sprint CEO Dan Hesse Bets Part Of His Salary On iPhone

If you’ve been a long time reader of thedroidguy then you know how much we like Sprint CEO Dan Hesse. Here’s very approachable, he treats his employees well and he’s a great speaker. In fact, we normally refer to Hesse as the CEO Next Door because he seems like he could be your next door

Sprint Adds More Customers Than AT&T In Q1 2012

Sprint has posted their Q1 2012 earnings. The biggest detail of their earnings, reported by most media was an $863 million dollar loss in the quarter or 29 cents per share. That’s nearly double the $439 million dollar loss they reported in the same quarter last year. Most of that loss can be attributed to

Dan Hesse: Android Users Use More Data Than iPhone Users

Sprint CEO was the featured guest on a Mobile Live video interview published yesterday. Hesse was defending Sprint’s strategy on betting so much on the iPhone. Sprint’s guy next door CEO Hesse has come under fire recently by reportedly committing to the purchase of 30 million iPhones. When asked to comment in his Mobile World

Sprint Joins Forces With The NBA

Sprint and the NBA announced a multi year marketing partnership today that makes Sprint the official wireless partner for the NBA. The partnership is reminiscent of the NFL partnership Sprint lost to Verizon Wireless in 2010. Sprint will reach NBA fans in a variety of ways including marquee league events, tv and digital exposure, and

Sprint Extends Nascar Sponsorship 3 Extra Years

When Sprint merged with Nextel in December of 2004 they inherited Nextel’s sponsorship of Nascar’s championship stock car series the Nextel Cup.  Nextel had just entered into that Sponsorship at the beginning of the 2004 season in February. The original contract between Nextel and Nascar was a 10 year contract that would end in 2013.

Sprint Prepares For Green Holiday At Kansas City Headquarters

Sprint has been a strong supporter of environmental causes for many years. They were the first major carrier with an eco-friendly Android device the Samsung Replenish. Local Sprint stores are constantly involved with eco-friendly community initiatives and Sprint has always been active in battery recycling. When Dan Hesse gave his keynote address at CTIA Enterprise

Sprint ID Turns One With Some Impressive Stats

At last year’s CTIA Enterprise & Applications show in San Francisco California, Sprint hosted a major Android related event. At the event Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse, unveiled SprintID. SprintID was a new service that put together “packs” of apps, themes and wallpapers based on various lifestyle needs and themes. These SprintID’s made it easier for

Has Dan Hesse Just Bet The Farm On The Next iPhone?

The world is anxiously awaiting the announcement of the next iPhone tomorrow, at an event at Apple’s Cupertino headquarters.  Ahead of the event there have been a number of reports that Sprint has just bet the farm on the next iteration of the iPhone. According to several reputable news outlets and undisclosed sources, Sprint has

Sprint Looking To Buy T-Mobile?

  Back on March 9th before AT&T announced their intent to purchase the fourth largest carrier in the United States, T-Mobile, the rumors were hot and heavy that Sprint would actually be the suitor. Those rumors have heated up again but this time based on some statements Sprint CEO, Dan Hesse made. Speaking at a

Sprint “The Enabler” May Come To Clearwire’s Rescue Again

Dan Hesse has got to be feeling like Al Bundy these days, you know with his wallet out sitting on the couch. Several industry sites are reporting that Sprint has been talking with cable companies and other Clearwire investment partners about taking over the whole kit and kaboodle. In 2008 Clearwire merged with Sprint and