Wileyfox Spark

Wileyfox releases three new Cyanogen OS powered smartphones

British manufacturer #Wileyfox has released three new #Cyanogen OS 13.0 powered smartphones, running atop Android 6.0 #Marshmallow. These devices will be updated by Cyanogen, basically promising users a refined Android experience for the months to come. However, Cyanogen has not yet mentioned if it will send the next major Android update for these handsets. Wileyfox

AT&T NumberSync

AT&T supposedly planning an Android rival with Cyanogen and ZTE

Turning away from #Android has been tried before. Look at #Samsung, which is trying its hand at #Tizen. However, a new report is talking about cellular carrier AT&T being interested in developing an operating system of its own, to rival Google’s Android. It is believed that software developers #Cyanogen and Chinese manufacturer #ZTE will help

ZUK Z1 - Action

ZUK Z1 could be pricier by $20 starting next week: Report

The #ZUKZ1 will supposedly be pricier starting next week, if a new report is to be believed. The handset currently retails for $299.99, but it is being mentioned that it could be priced at $319.99 soon. We’re not sure if there’s a valid reasoning behind the price increase, but it would surely make the handset

OnePlus One

[Updated] Cyanogen does a U-Turn on the OnePlus One Android 5.1 update

The #OnePlusOne receives updates directly from #Cyanogen. The company started sending out the Android 5.1.1 toting Cyanogen OS 12.1 update to the smartphone earlier today. However, it is now being reported that the update rollout is being halted with only about 2% of the devices getting the update. This means that there are still quite a

OneTouch Hero 2

The Cyanogen OS packing Alcatel OneTouch Hero 2+ cancelled

The large sized Hero 2+ smartphone was announced back during the MWC in Barcelona by Alcatel OneTouch and Cyanogen. It seems like the development of the device didn’t go according to plan as the company has now offered a statement, mentioning that the handset will not be sold. The company apparently ran into some issues with the “Android 5.1 upgrade

Foxconn investing in Cyanogen Inc

As Cyanogen closes its C Round of investments, the company has announced that it has received funding from Chinese contract manufacturer Foxconn. The company joins the likes of Twitter, Telefónica, Qualcomm and several others in funding Cyanogen Inc. Cyanogen announced that their total funding has reached $110 million as of now, which can only mean good

OnePlus One

Android 5.0 Lollipop Will Hit The OnePlus One In March

This morning, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei tweeted out that the OnePlus will get its CyanogenMod 12S update, bringing the phone up to Lollipop. @rajarshi_10 We released an L alpha a while ago, but a more stable build (OxygenOS & CM12S) will need to wait until March. Sorry for delay! — Carl Pei (@getpeid) February 23, 2015 While some

OnePlus One

OnePlus One getting a new CM 11S 05Q update today

The OnePlus One smartphone will start receiving an OTA update to CyanogenMod 11S today according to a post issued by the company. The update known as CM 11S 05Q will introduce some new features while fixing a bunch of pertinent bugs. The Android version will remain unchanged at 4.4.4 though, with the Lollipop update expected

OnePlus Back To Basics

OnePlus starts teasing Back to Basics announcement for Jan. 30

OnePlus has started teasing a new event for tomorrow, calling it “Back to Basics”. We will have to wait till tomorrow to find out what exactly this event has in store for us, but it seems like the company is going to announce some new metal back panels as previously rumored and also provide details on

Microsoft Looking To Invest In Cyanogen

Cyanogen, makers of the software that powers the OnePlus One and the CyanogenMod ROM, may be partnering up with Microsoft. Microsoft notably has a resentment towards Android, even requiring Android smartphone makers pay Microsoft a license fee for infringing on patents they own. Cyanogen’s Chief Executive, Kirt McMaster, has said in interviews that Cyanogen is “going

OnePlus One without CM

OnePlus One without Cyanogen branding spotted in the U.S.

The fact that OnePlus and Cyanogen are not in good terms is a well documented fact. This started off when an “exclusive” Cyanogen OS deal was struck with an Indian manufacturer which restricted the sales of the OnePlus One in the region. This made OnePlus realize that it cannot depend on Cyanogen forever and will

Cyanogen Camera Is In The Play Store, But Only For CM11S

If you have a device running the 11S build of CyanogenMod, you’re in luck. Just like with the Gallery Next app, you can now download the Camera app directly from the Play Store to update it. The only device officially with this firmware though, is the OnePlus One. So for now, it’s a very closed app.

Cyanogen Inc reportedly declined Google’s bid for an acquisition

A new report has claimed that Cyanogen Inc has flatly declined Google’s offer to acquire the company. This comes even as the Google top brass was personally believed to have approached the team to further discuss terms. It’s unclear as to why Cyanogen said no to this possibly lucrative offer, but our first guess is

Specs of the OnePlus One confirmed along with a new teaser video

Steve Kondik from Cyanogen hardly makes an appearance in the media, but he is undoubtedly one of the most renowned figures behind the team. A new video now features him unboxing the upcoming OnePlus One handset, although not revealing anything new. We won’t ruin the surprise for you, but it has a bit of humor

OnePlus is Cyanogen Inc’s Second Official Hardware Partner

Cyanogen’s first phone, the Oppo N1, was just released a few weeks ago. However, Cyanogen Inc has since been teasing that they have a second partner. Now today, on the OnePlus forums, the company announced that they are Cyanogen Inc’s official partner. OnePlus says their flagship phone, the OnePlus One (that name sounds familiar), will

Cyanogen Inc. Raises $22 Million In Funding

Back in September, CyanogenMod announced they would become Cyanogen Inc and rose $7 million. Now, with a few months of progress since then, including launching a phone of their own with Oppo, they have risen more money. $22 million, to be exact. The source for the $22 million comes from the Venture Capital firm Andreessen Horowitz,