What do you think of Xiaomi’s Pressy clone, ‘MiKey’?

Xiaomi has announced an add-on accessory button that plugs into the phone’s audio jack. If this sounds familiar, then you may have already heard about Pressy, an earlier successful, but yet-to-ship, Kickstarter campaign that essentially does the same thing. Here are our thoughts on the matter. In August last year, a startup called Pressy launched


Nova external flash seeks funds on Kickstarter

Nova is a credit card-sized external flash that aims to improve your smartphone photos. Currently, the team behind it is asking for funding help via Kickstarter, where it aims to raise $25,000. With ten days to go until their campaign ends, Nova has already gotten gone way past its goal, hitting $63,155 of support from

3D Virtual Tabletop raises over 1000% of funding goal

The 3D Virtual Tabletop project on Kickstarter has currently raised $50,392 of its $5,000 goal on the crowdfunding website. This is a thousand times more than what they asked for to make the cross-platform tabletop application a reality. The Kickstarter fundraiser ends in a few hours, after 45 days of being live. A project by

Ubuntu Edge

Canonical Ubuntu Edge sets new crowdfunding record

Canonical Ubuntu Edge has set a new record as the highest-earning fixed crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo. It has surpassed the record set by the Pebble smartwatch by raising $10,671,147 in funds even before its campaign ends on August 21st, or five days from today. Pebble, for its part, raised $10,266,845 for its smartwatch, and held its

Buccaneer affordable 3D printer campaign launches on Kickstarter

Buccaneer is a pocket-friendly 3D printer designed with home consumers in mind. A project by the Palo Alto, California-based Pirate3D Inc., the Buccaneer started seeking for support from backers on May 30. Pirate3D set out for a goal of $100,000, but in just a day, it had received $275,794 funds of support, with 29 days

Projecteo projector showcases your Instagram shots on walls

Projecteo, the miniature Instagram projector that achieved crowdfunding success last year on Kickstarter, is now available for purchase. To enjoy Projecteo, one needs to go to Projecteo’s website, connect with Instagram, and choose nine photos. Projecteo converts these digital images into a custom wheel of Kodak 35mm slide film. The Projecteo team then sends to the user

VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch joins smartwatch trend

The VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch is yet another device that joins the slew of smartwatches that are being released into the market lately. On Indiegogo, the Marseille, France-based team behind the watch are asking for funding to help support the development of the device. The VEA Buddy Bluetooth watch provides a secondary screen which comes

CommBadge hands-free Bluetooth speakerphone is inspired by Star Trek

The CommBadge wearable speakerphone is on the verge of closing its extended crowdfunding Flexible Funding campaign at Indiegogo. To date, the company CommBadge Technologies, LLC, which is behind the hands-free communicator has raised $15,777, which is far beyond its goal of $2,000. The CommBadge speakerphone is said to be inspired by the sci-fi TV series

HD Music Player Olive ONE is a treat for audiophiles

A startup called Olive is offering a new media device called the Olive One, a music player that promises to combine the features on various entertainment gadgets while delivering premium sound quality. According to Olive, the device is the first all-in-one HD Music Player in the world. The Olive One is a disc-shaped media player

Kickstarter-backed GameStick console is now available for pre-order

GameStick, the console whose development was backed by the crowdfunding website Kickstarter, is finally available for ordering. PlayJam, the team behind GameStick is selling the device with a price starting at $79 for the standard bundle via an Amazon-powered pre-order service. Meanwhile, the GameStick Dock retails for $24.99 and the GameStick case for $9.99. According

GameStick Bases Final Design On Backers’ Suggestions

With only a few days left until its Kickstarter project ends, GameStick has already amassed a sum of $554,471 from its 4,947 backers. This is much higher than its goal of $100,000 goal. After many hours of deliberation and adjustments, GameStick’s developer revealed the controller’s final design, which is based on suggestions sent in by