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Nokia wins court injunction over HTC microphone technology

Nokia has successfully won a court injunction banning HTC from using the same microphone parts as Nokia mad by STMicroelectronics in its flagship product the HTC One. The decision was made by the Amsterdam district court which follows Nokia’s claim that it they invented the parts, which are made by STMicroelectronics exclusively for its own

Apple Wins Proximity Sensor Lawsuit Against Motorola

Apple vs Motorola, Apple vs. Samsung, Apple vs. some Mexican I.T. firm (over iFone patent), Apple vs. Gradiente (Brazilian company who patented the iphone name) – these are only a few firms whom the Cupertino-based company clashed in the court. It seems that major companies are trying to dominate the market not only by the

Apple Survery Shows Top Reasons as to Why Users Prefer Android

As the Apple vs Samsung lawsuit continues to make headlines on a daily basis, consumers sure have been treated with numerous documents from the court battle. We’ve seen numerous documents that people have just bee shocked about. This latest one hasn’t really be shocking, but it is Apple essentially putting a percentage graph showing why

Samsung’s Creative Director Not Allowed To Testify

Samsung Electronics won’t be able to use the testimony of one of its key designers against Apple, and rightly so. This was because of a document that was both filed and signed by Judge Lucy Koh just the other day. By no means am I taking sides with Apple, but Samsung was trying to use

Apple Denied Injunction Against Samsung In U.S.

Apple had sought an injunction against Samsung Galaxy Tabs and Galaxy S series smartphones in the United States. However, they were unable to convince U.S. District Court Judge, Lucy Koh in San Jose California that such an injunction was warranted. This lawsuit goes back to April when Apple accused Samsung of “slavishly” copying their iPhone