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OnePlus giving away 2,500 invites to purchase the One in a new contest

OnePlus One

OnePlus One

If you follow the OnePlus One, you’d be aware of the heavily criticized invite system which restricted the sale of the handset to only those with an invite. OnePlus now wants to make your lives a lot easier by offering one of the 2,500 free invites up for grabs in a new contest. OnePlus is rightly calling this the “Storm of Invites” given the sheer amount of invites being given away. And fortunately this time, users don’t have to worry about smashing their old phones in return for an invite, but will have to spread the word about the smartphone via social media.

Users will have to like the OnePlus Facebook page, follow the company on Instagram, post a tweet about this giveaway promotion, join their mailing list and even post about it on the OnePlus forums to stand a chance to win. The grand prize will be a 64GB Sandstone Black variant of the OnePlus One, while others can win themselves an invite with over 2,500 lucky customers to be picked. The invites given out will also be for the 64GB model, so you’re not in luck if you wanted the 32GB version.

This is a good promotion to kick things off again after the short delay caused due to a software glitch. Once the invites phase has passed, customers will be able to get the smartphone directly from OnePlus albeit for a slightly increased price. The company gave us indications of that as it started selling the 16GB Silk White variant of the smartphone via Oppo’s online store yesterday.

Source: OnePlus

Via: Android Central

Republic Wireless giving away a Moto X and one year of free service under new contest

Moto X Giveaway

Moto X GiveawayAmerican hybrid carrier Republic Wireless is now offering a New Year’s special contest for fans. As per this contest, the carrier will offer the Motorola Moto X smartphone as well as one year of its $10 a month plan for free, which comes with unlimited Wi-Fi data as well as unlimited calling and texts. All the users have to do is use the official Republic Wireless Facebook or Twitter page and mention why you should be picked over others, which is how most giveaway contests work basically.

If you’re using Twitter, use the hash tag #MotoXGiveaway to remain eligible for the grand prize. Users of the Republic Wireless community can send emails to [email protected] with their Republic Wireless username briefly mentioned. Republic Wireless is giving away three units of Moto X overall for Twitter, Facebook and Email contest winners respectively. Users have until the 12th of January 11:59PM (EST) to send in their entries, so make sure you come up with something clever to stand a chance to win.

Source: Republic Wireless, Twitter

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Users stand a chance to win $50 Google Play Credit or a 2013 Nexus 7 with a picture that describes your story

Nexus 7 Contest

Nexus 7 Contest

Google has kicked off a nice little promotion where it is offering a decent $50 Play Store credit or a 2013 Nexus 7 to users who submit a picture describing their story or #whatmatters to them. Users basically have to send in a picture which explains all this with or without an Android device. Branding isn’t all important here and users don’t necessarily have to show off their smartphone or tablet to stand a chance to win. Images can either be .jpg or even .gif with a respectable size limit.

To enter the contest and be applicable to win, users have to be residing in the United States and be at least 18 years of age, so it’s not for everyone. Google is giving away seven $50 Play Store gift cards and one Nexus 7 tablet, with the winners to be announced a couple of days later. You can use the image you see above as reference for what you need to do. Although showing off a smartphone isn’t mandatory, considering the times we live in, the description of one’s life would be incomplete without a mobile device.

Source: Google

Via: Android Central

Android Kitkat contest now open

Android KitKat contest

The details of the Android KitKat contest that Hershey’s is holding are now online. The Android KitKat contest celebrates the latest version of the Android operating system which is expected to debut soon.

Android KitKat contest
Android KitKat contest

Android KitKat contest mechanics

To join the contest, you have to buy a specially-marked Android KitKat candy bar. Inside the wrapper, there is a code. Enter the code on the Android KitKat contest website to see if you have won one of the prizes at stake.

The grand prize is the Google Nexus 7 tablet, which has a retail value of $229. 1,000 of these tablets are available. Also up for grabs is a $5 credit for Google Play. 150,000 of such prize are available. Lastly, you could win a coupon for one free 8 oz. KitKat Minis pouch, which retails for $3.79. 20,000 of these may be won.

That said, if you aren’t craving for KitKat bars, you can also request a free Game Code. Simply send a 3”x5” card with the following information: your name, address, city, state, zip code, date of birth and e-mail address. The entry should be mailed to Android / KIT KAT Instant Win Game Code Request, P.O. Box 760023, El Paso, TX 88576-0023. The free Game Code will be sent the e-mail address provided. Take note that only one request is allowed per postmarked envelope. Your free Game Code request should be received by February 7, 2014.

Android KitKat

News about Android KitKat broke recently, finally laying to rest the speculations that the next version of Android will be named after the key lime pie. The announcement was surprising, but supposedly well-planned since November 2012. Google says that it aims for the new version to be enjoyed by everybody. Some have taken this statement to mean that Android 4.4 KitKat would allow users with older hardware to enjoy the latest version of Android, thereby addressing Android’s fragmentation issue. Since the announcement, Google has released a commercial promoting Android KitKat. However, it has not announced when the new version will be available.

via androidcentral, hersheys

LG opens “To Me, You Are Perfect” contest, possibly promoting Optimus G2

LG has announced a new contest called To Me, You Are Perfect that will build the public’s excitement for a new device that it will unveil on August 7. Based on several obvious clues, that device is the company’s new flagship Android smartphone, the Optimus G2.


Last week, when LG sent out invitations to the press for the event on August 7th in New York, it also released a video where the following message is featured: “To me, you are perfect. From G…”

Now, LG is using that same line in a contest to promote the upcoming smartphone. Anyone can enter the To Me, You Are Perfect contest uploading a message on a photo or in a video to a loved one on any of the following websites: (LG Mobile’s Microsite), (LG’s Facebook page), and (LG’s Youtube channel). The participant with the most likes and views will be declared the winner.

LG’s campaign has a grand prize worth $50,000, possibly including the Optimus G2. 40 randomly-chosen contest participants will also receive LG G Series smartphones (again, likely the Optimus G2 itself), while 500 others will get LG Pocket Photo printers.

Several video clips will also be chosen and shown on the above-mentioned LG websites, and interestingly, even on outdoor billboards located in Times Square in New York City and Piccadilly Circus in London.

The contest will presumably run from July 15, the date of LG’s announcement, and end on August 6, the day before the grand announcement.

LG says that it chose such a promotional campaign to thank its consumers, as well as to let such consumers know how significant they are in the design process for new devices.

The upcoming LG Optimus G2 is expected to be a monster of a device, with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor, a 5.2-inch edge-to-edge Full HD display, and Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean in tow. It also has a unique design, with its volume or zoom controls located right below the rear-facing camera. The LG Optimus G2 will likely compete against the Sony Xperia Z, HTC One, and the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Are you interested in winning any of LG’s prizes?

via phonearena, androidauthority

Win a Custom HTC One by Cushnie Et Ochs In Pinterest Repin To Win Contest

Are you someone that wanted to get their hands on that custom HTC One X that was shown off a while ago? Perhaps you want to get your hands on that custom HTC One X that was “impossible to get.” HTC is making it possible to get one of in its distinctive black and white color inspired by Cushnie et Ochs. So if you want this colorful handset, you may be interested in a Pinterest “pin-to-win” contest.

You’ll be able to join in on the exclusive group of owners of this custom designed HTC One X, that is, if you’re interested in spending a little time on Pinterest to try your chances at this. You do have to be a member of Pinterest to participate in the contest. On Pinterest, all you need to do is follow HTC Mobile, repin one of their images, and leave a link to your repin on the original image. HTC will be randomly selecting a winner on September 14th. Just hit the source link below to find specific instructions and links to participate in the contest.

I’ll be entering in this contest, what about you? Of course, when six million people are entering, the chances of winning are very little. Still, on the off-chance that you could win, it might be worth it.

source: HTC Blog

SXSW: Smartphone And Tablet Batteries Definitely Not Keeping Up, Never Fear Thedroidguy & Powerbag Are Here!

The Tweets, Google Plus messages, Facebook Status’ and even photos are echoing the same theme; at South By Southwest smartphone and tablet batteries aren’t keeping up.

We’ve seen pictures of people bringing multiple power strips to the Austin Convention Center. Samsung has stationed several of their “airport” charging stations all over the convention center and Austin. FedEx is running around with charging vests, and every party is pimping Free Food, Free Beer and Free Charge Up.

Yup Austin, people need phone power. That’s where thedroidguy and Powerbag have come in all week long. Since last Thursday we’ve been giving away Powerbags to people from Austin Texas, and around the country here celebrating and attending South By Southwest (SXSW).

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SXSW Power Bag Winner, This Guy Really Has The Power

Winning Power Bags at South By Southwest 2012 is really easy and this guy found that out. All you have to do is tweet @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag when your phone or tablet is going dead. Include your location and the hash tag #sxswPowerUp and if we’re near by and you agree to be on video, you can win easily.  Contest is only for those in Austin Texas for SXSW. No badge required. You must tweet your location with the hashtag.  Contest ends March 15th.


Fun With Powerbags At SXSW: Who’s Battery Is Dead

South By Southwest is filled with “brand ambassadors”, promoters and flyer passer outers, in fact we’re doing a little of that too. It has always been a fact of life and most people are nice about taking flyers because the mentality of the South By Southwest attendee is absorb every piece of info you can.

That seems to have shifted a bit and it’s definitely present in people who have never attended SXSW before this is at least my 9th time I think even more.

So on Friday night in Austin I wanted to try something different. The weather here has been absolutely horrendous and after being cold wet and ready to get into another party I did an impromptu giveaway of powerbags outside the Samsung Mobile FEED party at the Austin Museum of Art.

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We’re Giving Away A “Whole Lotta” Powerbags At SXSW Winner’s 1 & 2

If you are in Austin Texas for South By Southwest you may want to pay close attention because you could easily win a brand new Powerbag. For complete instructions visit here. It’s really that easy.

The Powerbag was one of the best accessories we saw at CES 2012. The bag comes with an internal power system that comes with a pre-installed Apple 30 pin cord, microUSB and miniUSB cord. The power system also features interchangeable batteries and an auxiliary USB port on top for charging things like your DS.


We’re Giving Away A Ton Of PowerBags At SXSW 12 Here’s How To Win

We’ve got a pallet of powerbags loaded up with us in Austin Texas for South By Southwest. We’ve been talking about these Power Bags for weeks and so has @mypowerbag on Twitter. There is no purchase necessary. The only requirement is that you are in downtown Austin during South By Southwest. The rest of the rules are in the video. This is an instant contest! Watch the video, play the contest. Chances to win begin Thursday March 8th after 9pm central time and can be anytime between March 8th at 9:00pm and March 14th at 7am. Drawings, giveaways are random, tweeting does not guarantee it win but must be done to win. Watch the video for how to play.

Last Weekend For Damn I Need A Power Up

While we are busy in the background preparing something really powerful with the folks at Powerbag, we have one weekend left in the Damn I Need A Powerup contest.  All you have to do is watch the video above for the complete directions and start tweeting.

You can tweet as many times as you want but we need a new picture every time. Be creative and fun with it because we know you need a power up!

Good luck. Final drawing will be presidents day.

This Valentine’s Day Win A Red Power Bag Sling For Your Valentine

Thedroidguy and Powerbag are teaming up yet again for a really easy contest to win a free Powerbag. Up for grabs is a red Powerbag sling bag that you can give to your Valentine, because Valentine’s day is all about giving right?

Here’s All you need to do.  Between now and 8pm Eastern Time on February 14th, simply follow @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag on Twitter. Then, Tweet us both anything about who you would give a Powerbag too.  You need to use the hashtag #Vdaypowerup. No pictures necessary just a tweet. You can tweet as often as you would like, just make sure its a different and unique tweet.

For example:

“@thedroidguy @mypowerbag My husband needs a powerbag because his phone is always dying #Vdaypowerup”


“@thedroidguy @mypowerbag my boyfriend never returns my calls, says his battery is dead #vdaypowerup”

The winner will be announced shortly after 8pm Eastern Time tomorrow. Good luck!

One Day Contest: Win $100 Gift Card From Gelaskins


Do you have an Android phone or tablet? Do you have a game console? Maybe you have a laptop that needs some art?

Well we’ve got a treat for you, we’re teaming up wit to give away gift cards, and this one is for $100 and its easy.

Take a picture of anything you want to cover with gelaskins and upload it to Twitter with the hashtag #iwantmyprize make sure you’re following @thedroidguy and @gelaskins. You can enter to win as many times as you’d like but you need a different pic each time.

$100 should cover most of your gadgets.

Winner will be drawn at 12:00am Central Time tonight after the Grammys.

Good luck start tweeting!