Android KitKat contest

Android Kitkat contest now open

The details of the Android KitKat contest that Hershey’s is holding are now online. The Android KitKat contest celebrates the latest version of the Android operating system which is expected to debut soon. Android KitKat contest mechanics To join the contest, you have to buy a specially-marked Android KitKat candy bar. Inside the wrapper, there

SXSW: Smartphone And Tablet Batteries Definitely Not Keeping Up, Never Fear Thedroidguy & Powerbag Are Here!

The Tweets, Google Plus messages, Facebook Status’ and even photos are echoing the same theme; at South By Southwest smartphone and tablet batteries aren’t keeping up. We’ve seen pictures of people bringing multiple power strips to the Austin Convention Center. Samsung has stationed several of their “airport” charging stations all over the convention center

SXSW Power Bag Winner, This Guy Really Has The Power

Winning Power Bags at South By Southwest 2012 is really easy and this guy found that out. All you have to do is tweet @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag when your phone or tablet is going dead. Include your location and the hash tag #sxswPowerUp and if we’re near by and you agree to be on video,

Fun With Powerbags At SXSW: Who’s Battery Is Dead

South By Southwest is filled with “brand ambassadors”, promoters and flyer passer outers, in fact we’re doing a little of that too. It has always been a fact of life and most people are nice about taking flyers because the mentality of the South By Southwest attendee is absorb every piece of info you can.

Last Weekend For Damn I Need A Power Up

While we are busy in the background preparing something really powerful with the folks at Powerbag, we have one weekend left in the Damn I Need A Powerup contest.  All you have to do is watch the video above for the complete directions and start tweeting. You can tweet as many times as you want

One Day Contest: Win $100 Gift Card From Gelaskins

Do you have an Android phone or tablet? Do you have a game console? Maybe you have a laptop that needs some art? Well we’ve got a treat for you, we’re teaming up wit to give away gift cards, and this one is for $100 and its easy. Take a picture of anything you

Thedroidguy & Power Bag Announce The “Damn I Need A Power Up” Contest

Watch the video for complete instructions on how to enter. Must be following @thedroidguy and @mypowerbag to win. Winners Randomly selected throughout the course of the contest with drawing times to be announced during the contest.  One winner per household. Open to followers in the U.S. only. No substitutions. Fulfillment: 1-2 weeks. Prize will be

On The Road Again With Wilson Electronics

ON THE ROAD WITH WILSON ELECTRONICS by Thedroidguy Thedroidguy and Wilson Electronics have teamed up six times over the last three years to go road tripping across the country on the way to the big industry conventions.  We’ve been to Las Vegas, San Diego, Austin, Orlando, San Francisco and more. We’ve made lots of silly

Wilson Boosts The 4G LTE’s Now Too! Wanna Win One?

Our good friends at Wilson Electronics have a big trick up their sleeves planned for CES on Tuesday. That’s when they are officially releasing their 4G/LTE signal booster. We were first told about the 4G/LTE signal booster under embargo at CTIA in San Diego this fall. While the device completed FCC testing we were really

Complain And Win $100 With The Complain App

One of the finalists in the app competition here  at CTIA Enterprise & Applications is the Complain App.  The complain app makes it really easy for the end user to complain about big corporations and companies. “The Complain App isn’t just for bitching” Noam Gordon, the entrepreneur behind the Android application tells TDG. He’s hopeful