Ouya delayed until June 25

Ouya, the company responsible for the very successful Android console Kickstarter, has announced they have had product delays. The Ouya console was expected to come early June, but this has been pushed back to June 25. Ouya still is confident they can get all consoles out to backers who paid for the Kickstarter project out before May

BlueStacks Takes on Ouya in the Sub $100 Console Wars

BlueStacks is a startup that has been bringing Android apps to Mac and PC has announced that it has passed the 10 million user milestone, since Ouya has gained much ground via the crowd funding website Kickstarter BlueStacks is retaliating to show that they are the top dogs in this space. BlueStacks has brought more

Guitar Hero co-creator plans to turn mobile devices into consoles

Guitar hero co-creator Charles Huang is coming up with a whole new idea that would further exploit the booming industry of mobile gaming. Huang, the CEO and co-founder of Green Throttle Games, is working out a wireless controller that turns mobile devices into a virtual game console enabling users to play their favorite iOS or

Why You Shouldn’t Get A New Console This Year

This the year of the Ouya. Alright, that’s not a definite, but is highly possible. Consoles are great. I love the PlayStation 3 because of the exclusive titles it has, likewise with the Xbox 360. I’ll definitely be getting the next one when the next-gen consoles come out, but maybe you aren’t entirely on board