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CES 2013: Valve’s Alleged Steam Box Spotted

Only weeks ago Valve let the press know that the company would be releasing their own console in 2013. Little did we know that Valve and Xi3 would announce the console at CES. Valve and Xi3 have not had their event take place just yet, but exhibitors are calling the device the “Piston” — note

Xbox 720 to Feature Kinect 2.0, Blue-Ray drive

U.K based magazine Xbox world said the next-generation Xbox 720 will showcase a much broader hardware and a full array of enhancers that will surely make it the most advanced gaming console to ever hit the market. Microsoft is reportedly scheduled to unveil the latest version of their XBOX console late next year and is

Ouya Dev Kits Available For Pre-Order Starting At $800

If you are a game developer, or even a beginner game developer looking to start on something fair cheap, you might want to take a look at OUYA’s website. The Development Kits as promised — an OUYA console, access to the ODK (Software tools) and two controller — are now available for pre-orders. The development

Ouya Android Console Shipping in April of 2013

If you live under a rock, it’s probably not likely that you’ve heard of the Ouya, the first Android Powered console. The Ouya went to Kickstarter to try and fund the rest of their project (approximately $950k) and ended up with a whole heck of a lot more. Last night when the Kickstarter funding ended,

Playstation 4 Named Orbis Release Date Christmas 2013

Can you believe it has been six years since Sony last released a PlayStation console?  The PlayStation enthusiasts have been longing for the next generation.  According to sources that spoke to the Wall Street Journal, the rumors has it that Sony could be releasing the next generation in 2013, but perhaps later in the year