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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not recognized by PC

Windows 10 comes packed with generic drivers for almost all devices so if you connect your Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus through USB cable, the latter should be detected and recognized but there are times when your phone is not recognized by PC. Depending on how often you connect your phone to your computer or for

How to fix your Samsung Galaxy Note 8 that cannot access the Internet even when Wi-Fi is connected (easy steps)

Network connectivity issues in mobile devices can be attributed to many different factors including software glitches on the device, faulty updates, problems with the network equipment, account-related issues, network outages, or technical problems on the service provider’s end. Generally, the problem is fixable by end-users unless network outages or account issues are to blame. Symptoms

Galaxy Note 4 won’t read MP3 files from SD card, other issues

For those looking for solutions to some other issues on their #GalaxyNote4, the solutions below may work for you. These are the particular topics discussed here today: Galaxy Note 4 won’t read MP3 files from SD card Galaxy Note 4 randomly restarts Galaxy Note 4 charging problems 4G keeps disappearing on Galaxy Note 4 Galaxy