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Summer comScore Market Share Numbers Released

Despite a lot of major Android manufactures losing a lot of users, Android is continuing to grow as a platform. comScore has just recently released their May through August market share numbers, and it is showing of Android’s overall gain. The most recent data has highlighted the percentage of Android smartphone users jumped from 50.9%

Comscore: Half Of All Android Tablets Sold Are Amazon Kindle Fires

If you’ve had any question about why Google is partaking in a low cost Android tablet to expressly serve as a vehicle for Google’s downloadable media, the headline of this story spells it out loud and clear. According to the latest Comscore research half of all android tablets sold are Kindle Fires. Now while some

Comscore: Android Good For 50.1% Of The Market

The latest ComScore numbers were published on Friday and of course Google’s Android operating system was on top by a wide margin. Android accounted for 50.1% of smartphones in this latest study.  ComScore also reported that there are 104 million smartphones in use today which is up 14% since November. Apple ranked second with 30.2%

ComScore: Android And Samsung Still Sitting On Top

ComScore released their most recent Mobile Lens report today for the months of November, December and January.  Not surprising, Android is still leading the pack. When it comes down to manufacturers, Samsung is still the big winner.  In the OS war Android was on top with 48.6% of the market share. Apple’s iOS was a

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Wow 98.3% Of Online Americans Use Social Networks

Comscore just released a 69 page study called “It’s a Social World: Top 10 Need To Knows About Social Networking and Where it’s Heading.” This startling report showed the trends of many countries across the globe and the impact that people are having on social networking. The United States is one of the most active

Text Messaging Still Dominates Mobile Phone Useage In The United States

comScore’s latest quarterly mobile lens report was recently published. The report showed that texting is still the dominant content usage across all phones (both smart and feature phones) in the U.S. at 71.8%. In fact texting actually increased from July 2011 to October 2011 by 1.8%. Web browsing was up 2.9% while downloading mobile apps

Latest ComScore Released: 45% Of U.S. Smartphones Are Android

Good news out of the Comscore data factory today as their latest numbers show that 45% of the smartphones in the United States run Android. Android’s 44.8% of the U.S. market share accounts for 88.7 million users. This is compared to Apple’s iOS which holds 27.4% of the market share. Research in Motion dropped from

Latest Comscore Released Google Gaining At RIM’s Expense

ComScore released their latest numbers today and things look even worse for Blackberry. Not only that but yesterday while on the stage at Apple’s “Let’s Talk iPhone” event Apple cited numbers from ComScore that reflected iPhone in front of Android however as you can see from the graphic right from ComScore’s website, Android has been