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LG removes the absurd G Flex commercial from YouTube

The LG G Flex commercial is still fresh in our minds for reaching new levels of weird and absurd at the same time. However, LG seems to have acknowledged that and has now removed the commercial from YouTube. This is pretty much everything the Korean manufacturer could do, given that the bulk of the damage was

Samsung Galaxy Note II Multitasking Features Highlighted

By now, we should all know that the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note II is going to be a fantastic handset. With the handset boasting of quad-core power and S Pen, the noteworthy feature of this device is how great it is at multitasking. While you may think we are talking about traditional Android multitasking, we

Apple releases iPhone 5 commercials

Apple has always been known for its ads. Most of the adverts have been great. The famous “1984” ad for Macintosh, 1997’s “Think Different,” the 2006 John Hodgman / Justin Long “Get a Mac” series, are all quite memorable. They just know how to do things correctly, except that they seemed to have been out

LG Optimus G Appears In Commercial

LG’s Optimus G phone recently made a public appearance on a commercial on Youtube. Titled “I’m a Boy,” the entire video is in Korean, precluding English-speaking LG fans from thoroughly enjoying its content. Nonetheless, the video does its job of showcasing the handset’s main camera as well as its support for 4G LTE connectivity.  The

First Google Nexus 7 commercial

Nexus 7, an Android tablet developed by Google in collaboration with ASUS has taken the tablet market by storm. Google and all other retailers are out of stock, but Google is continuing its promotion effort and first video commercial of Nexus 7 has been put up on YouTube. The video is titled as “Nexus 7:

Samsung Takes Galaxy Note Challenge To The Streets

While the 90 second Samsung Galaxy Note commercial was the grand finale for Samsung’s “Next Big Thing” advertising campaign, the Galaxy Note is still being featured prominently in Samsung Commercials. Samsung has uploaded this new commercial to Youtube which shows a man on the street comparison between the 5.3″ Samsung Galaxy Note and the iPhone

Google Airs Search Stories Commercial During World Series

Google aired a new commercial highlighting their “search stories” during the World Series.  The commercial highlights people from around the world in various science related fields with very cool stories. There is a couple of guys in Africa who appear to be working on a wind power structure, a man in Ypsilanti Michigan who works