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Netflix bringing 16 New Comedy shows Next Year


Netflix the internet streaming movie company is trying to emulate the HBO model by making it’s own content and the company has announced that they have 16 new stand up comedy shows in the pipeline; due to release next year. The chief content officer at Netflix in an interview pointed out that Bill Burr in particular has been very successful on Netflix and they are trying to widen the comedy section with more comics.

The chief content officer Ted Sarandos also said that the company is looking to expand into genres that they have overlooked such as tween, Sci-fi and sitcom. In 2013 there are eight original Netflix shows coming out which includes a much anticipated Arrested Development which will debut on Netflix this Sunday.

The new content seems to be coming thick and fast at the moment, they might be over doing it a tad, but the more original content they have the more users they’ll attract which is why they are so successful at the present time.

Netflix original shows seem to be doing very well in the viewing rating for instance House of Cards has went down a storm, it does make you wonder will there be a saturation of Netflix content and eventually they’ll all follow the same cookie cutter outline. As long as they keep innovating and stay on their toes about becoming content with their model now they’ll be alright for the near future.

Source – Gigaom