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Galaxy S7 email won’t sync when connected to Comcast Wi-Fi network, other issues

Welcome to another article that covers some #GalaxyS7 problems and solutions.


Below are the specific topics we discuss in this material today:

  1. Water-damaged Galaxy S7 keeps rebooting on its own
  2. Galaxy S7 email won’t sync when connected to Comcast Wi-Fi network
  3. Galaxy S7 won’t turn back on
  4. Unable to configure Hotmail account on Galaxy S7 email app
  5. Galaxy S7 not showing Outlook notes
  6. Galaxy S7 from US Cellular won’t work with other carriers

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Problem #1: Water-damaged Galaxy S7 keeps rebooting on its own

Hi. Running an SM-G935FD. Had water damage that caused reboots, had to shut down. pulled apart, used ultrasonic + 99% isopropyl to clean. Installed new battery. I am now able to power up phone, but get flickering screen [screen since stopped flickering – could have been some alcohol still not evaporated?] and won’t boot in safe or standard mode – sticks on SAMSUNG – GALAXY S7 EDGE – POWERED BY ANDROID screen. Blue light pulses (assume this is power?). I CAN reboot into recovery. I can see with ADB but can’t execute any commands other than side load [can use add fully once TWRP installed]. I’ve wiped cache and done factory reset. I can enter ODIN mode, and have installed CF Autoroot for the 935F, and then TWRP, but still stuck in same mode unable to complete a boot. I can access logs from recovery mode but not sure what to make of them. I installed TWRP Recovery and can use TWRP, access the file system, etc. I then flashed factory ROM successfully using 4-file and PIT, did a NAND ERASE ALL, EFS Clear and Bootloader Update, all successfully. After the 4-file flash/PIT/reset, in ODIN mode I get Current Binary: Samsung Official and System Status: Custom Warranty Void: 1AP SWREV: B:1 K:0 S:0 I then reinstalled CF Autoroot, then TWRP. Using TWRP, wiped data, repaired file system, and fixed contexts. Binary is now also showing “custom.” I still can’t complete a system boot, safe mode or otherwise. TWRP recovery seems to be working fine, and I can browse file system using TWRP or adb. The “System Status of “custom” after a full flash seems fishy to me… I’m at a loss as to what I should do next. Seems like the hardware is working given TWRP and ODIN functionality, so I would have thought one of these system flashes would have solved the problem. I have not yet wiped the system partition using TWRP, as I assume the flash with PIT and system repair (TWRP) would have effectively done this as part of their processes. That may be where I go next, and then reflash the firmware.  — Mike

Solution: Hi Mike. If water damage is a medical emergency for a phone, pulling the phone apart and cleaning it with alcohol are the first aids tips that you can do. They are necessary tricks an average user can do to mitigate the damage but hardly the solution. Sometimes, quickly opening the phone and cleaning the water-exposed parts may save the device from permanent damage but most of the time they need luck to work effectively. The rule in dealing with a wet electronics is: if problems continue well after you’ve done the basics (like the things that you mention in your problem description above), then the hardware is suffering from severe malfunction and you need to have it checked for potential repair or replacement. That even system flashing procedures did not change anything is a strong indication something’s not right with the hardware. That should tell you that no amount of software tinkering will help you resolve the situation. Since you’ve already tampered with the hardware, Samsung won’t definitely touch your phone. Find a good technician that can help you diagnose all critical hardware components including the buttons.

Problem #2: Galaxy S7 email won’t sync when connected to Comcast Wi-Fi network

Hello. I just purchased a Galaxy S7 (replacing an S3). I set up the default email up with my Comcast email addresses but when I am connected to my home network (xfinity/comcast) emails will not sync. I receive a message that “ server cannot be reached.” I’ve tried all the various security and port settings (at least I think I’ve tried them all, including even switching to POP3) and it still won’t sync. BUT, if I connect to the nearby xfinity hotspot, or am connected to the wifi network in my office, email sync works fine. (Haven’t tried other networks yet as phone is so new.) is there some setting different in my home network as opposed to other network that prevents connecting to the Comcast email server? Thanks in advance for any suggestions. —  Tom

Solution: Hi Tom. If email sync works fine in other Wi-Fi networks or in mobile data connection, then you must focus your troubleshooting on your Comcast Wi-Fi network settings. Sometimes, setting the router’s firewall to low can fix problems with syncing. If you don’t know how to access your router’s graphic user interface (GUI), contact Comcast and ask for step-by-step instructions. Another good thing to check is to ensure that your phone’s MAC address in not blocked by some router functions. Since you’ll be dealing with Comcast equipment throughout your troubleshooting, it’s better if you get hold of Comcast representative during the entire process.

Problem #3: Galaxy S7 won’t turn back on

Hello. I was charging my phone overnight. Next morning my phone was dead. Since we were on holiday and I had to drive the car, the first time I got to investigate in my dead phone was the afternoon. The phone was dead: No LEDs were glowing and the screen resisted black. However, the phone was pretty warm. It seemed still to be running in the background. I tried to soft reset, hard reset, force reboot, boot into download mode/recovery mode. -> nothing worked out. The only life signal I can recognize is the phone getting warm when charging (even right now). No orange LED is glowing when charging! Finally I have to say: The phone was barely 5 days old. Pretty sloppy, Samsung. Thanks for the help (: (I know my English sucks, I didn’t focus too much on it though). — Alexander

Solution: Hi Alexander. Potential solutions for an average user in this case are limited to basic things you’ve already tried — soft reset, hard reset, recovery mode and/or download mode attempts. That doing them did not improve the situation is a sign that something is preventing the phone from booting up normally. The causes can range from a bad battery, broken button/s, other hardware malfunction, or even a bootloader/firmware glitch. If you never dropped the phone or got it wet prior to noticing the problem, then Samsung can definitely replace the device free of charge.

Problem #4: Unable to configure Hotmail account on Galaxy S7 email app

I have a new Galaxy S7, which I managed to add a Hotmail account to as well as a Gmail account ( which I barely use). My Hotmail account is the one where emails come through onto my device, but they kept getting deleted every day when I wanted them to stay… unless I manually deleted them. I couldn’t find where to configure this so that they stayed on my device so I deleted my Hotmail account from my device and tried to re-add it since I’d read I could fix this problem by manually setting it up through a POP server (or something to that effect). I’ve since tried to add it and it says authentication failed. I’ve tried to do a manual set up and one where you just put your email address and password in, to no avail. I’m not sure why it would work before and now it doesn’t. Please can you advise me how to fix this. Many thanks. — Rachel

Solution: Hi Rachel. Most of the time, authentication failed error is triggered by entering an incorrect username and/or password. If you’re 110% positive that correct username and password are provided, then the error may be caused by something else, like a Microsoft-side restriction. We can’t see any reason why setting up your Hotmail account using POP will be blocked by Microsoft but it’s possible. To make sure that you have the right username and password though, try signing in to your Hotmail account on another device like a computer. Once, you’re signed in, go under your account settings (by clicking on: the name of your account (at the upper right hand side)>Account settings>Security and privacy>More security settings, and turn off any security feature you may have enabled (don’t forget to set them back in place afterwards). If the issue remains, try using Microsoft’s own email app. Otherwise contact Microsoft and ask direct assistance on why you can’t configure your Hotmail account in an Android device.

Problem #5: Galaxy S7 not showing Outlook notes

I switched from Samsung S4 to S7. Glad with everything but there are 2 features that I enjoyed with Galaxy S4 that I have not been able to set up again in my new phone. Here they are: 1) I want to be able to manage both my Hotmail and Gmail account under one comprehensive account, how can do this in my new phone? 2) I could synchronized all my contacts perfectly but I have noticed the phone does not display the Notes coming from the Outlook contacts, it only display if the contact is Samsung. How can I solve this? I want to be able to see the Notes that I had in all my contacts. I hope you can help. — Mrumbos

Solution: Hi Mrumbos. The answer to both of your questions depend on the app you’re using. Depending on the firmware version running on your phone, the native email app may or may not support both Hotmail and Gmail functionalities. To know, simply configure your accounts and see if your desired features are present (although it’s highly unlikely that the native Samsung app will show your Outlook Notes). If you really need your Outlook Notes, we suggest that you install the Outlook app and add both your Hotmail and Gmail accounts in it. This will allow your Outlook notes to work. You can also try Google’s own Gmail app but again, your Outlook notes may not be available in this app.

Problem #6: Galaxy S7 from US Cellular won’t work with other carriers

Okay, long story short i picked up a US Cellular S7 for my 61-year old mother who wants an upgrade from her aging broke-ass Evo LTE and ex-Sprint phone from my brother. I checked with US Cellular before purchasing the phone and even had the guy at the store make sure it was unlocked and clear but not a single prepaid will activate the thing. StraightTalk, Boost, Net10. 

I’m assuming it’s the phone specifically since it runs an LTE 4G SIM. My brother in the meantime dropped Sprint after his contract was fulfilled and went to activate his S5 which is a SM-G900P on StraightTalk. They will not accept it. He also has a 14-digit ESN.

I have used websites as well as called. I have even used the recalculated ESN from the luhn “i know i am spelling it wrong” calculator. So I’m sitting on a $125 brick at the moment. simply wanting to get it activated. For her 3G only is fine. If it comes to it i have her EVO LTE and my old S3 with a broken port for ESNs. I’m not getting into the legality of it since we own them all completely legally. I know it’s a bad idea. I’ve been told but i just need to know where i stand. I’ve already soft bricked her S7 and had to recover it hoping i could somehow flash a stock rom and since it’s pretty much a US Cellular dead zone where she lives, i thought maybe flash the PRL since i believe the frequency is the same one 3G, that at least she would have a working usable phone.

we can even use my brothers old 900p for her if we were able to get it activated. Any help would be amazing. I’ve been working on this every day for almost 2 weeks posting on howardforums and gsm forums. trying to locate cdma software that’s more than a demo. i just need some advice from someone who has much more in-depth knowledge of what I’m attempting to do.. thank you. Thank you again. — Jeremy

Solution: Hi Jeremy. We doubt there’s anything that we can do to help you with this issue. First of all, not all carriers have the same policy towards accepting unlocked phones. If they say they can’t accept your phone, that it. Period. There’s nothing that you can do about it. No amount of software modification or flashing will help you connect to the network you want. Your phone must be permitted to connect to a carrier’s network first before you can use their services. If the only available network in your mom’s place won’t accept your unlocked US Cellular, you’re out of luck.

Another thing to consider is about ESN, since you mentioned it. CDMA phones like the ones from US Cellular uses an electronic serial number (ESN) to identify a network on their device instead of a SIM card (which is the one used by GSM networks). If the ESN of your US Cellular S7 is bad because it was previously reported stolen, previous owner still has an outstanding account balance, or the device is still active in US Cellular network, then you cannot use the phone in another carrier’s network. Keep in mind that carriers have a way of knowing if an ESN is bad or not and that can be one reason why they refuse to accept it in this network.

Thirdly, unless this specific US Cellular phone is a global phone, that is, it’s both capable of connecting to CDMA and GSM networks (which is highly unlikely), there’s no way you can use just insert a SIM card of a GSM network and use it. CDMA phones won’t work on GSM networks most of the time so make sure you know the specifics about your phone before attempting to use it on a GSM network. Also, even if you have a global phone, you may still have to unlock its GSM capability by calling US Cellular. If the phone is no longer in contract with US Cellular, you can call them and ask for a GSM unlock code (if the phone is GSM capable in the first place only!).

Regarding your main point about possible tweaks that might help you “unlock” this CDMA phone to allow you to use it on another network, the answer may lie not in our blog but in others. We don’t provide the type of software hacks that you’re looking for. And yes it’s about the legality of it. Kindly look for them in other forums if you have the time.


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Sprint “The Enabler” May Come To Clearwire’s Rescue Again

Dan Hesse has got to be feeling like Al Bundy these days, you know with his wallet out sitting on the couch. Several industry sites are reporting that Sprint has been talking with cable companies and other Clearwire investment partners about taking over the whole kit and kaboodle.

In 2008 Clearwire merged with Sprint and their own wimax unit Xohm, leaving Sprint with 54% of the company. The original Clearwire shareholders were left with 27% of the company while a consortium consisting of Google, Comcast, Time Warner, Intel and Bright House Networks own the remaining 19% of the company.

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Updated: Google TV can take off with the Motorola purchase

Over the last 10 years, with five different cable companies I have had a cable box, and until only recently the only option has been Motorola boxes.  Up to this point it could easily be argued that Google TV has been lackluster, at best.  We have seen both Logitech and Sony drop prices on their current offerings in recent weeks.

With the purchase of Motorola, Google has an opportunity to get Google TV into millions of homes.  Instead of an additional purchase of YET ANOTHER device it is possible that they could easily piggyback on the existing relationships Motorola already has.

I think the three most important aspects would be:


Comcast Xfinity App Now Honeycomb Compatible

For all you Comcast Xfinity lovers who want to use your Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, ASUS, Acer or other Android tablet running Honeycomb to control your TV experience, the wait is over.

Comcast announced today that their Xfinity app has been updated to support Honeycomb tablets.  The update also covers some enhancements for the original Android smartphone app.

Scroll through listings, set, record, stop and play DVR and much more from your Honeycomb tablet or Android phone with the Comcast Xfinity app now!

Source: Comcast

Comcast Xfinity App Comes To Android

Comcast’s Xfinity app joins the ranks of ATT Uverse and other cable operators who have taken to the Android platform.

The Xfinity app will allow users to search for shows, times, and even set the DVR and change channels. The app has already been downloaded 1.3 million times on the Apple IOS platform. President and General Manager of Comcast Interactive, Matt Strauss said  “Android has a passionate, loyal and growing fan base who we believe will enjoy managing their Xfinity TV experience in the palm of their hand,”

Cable operators are looking for more and more ways to get their content on as many devices as possible Strauss said “This important launch is another key milestone in Comcast’s ongoing effort to provide Xfinity TV service on as many devices as possible including smartphones, tablets, laptops and PCs.”

The app performs best on Android 2.x and higher.

Source: Mobile burn

Google’s Eric Schmidt and Motorola’s Greg Brown Among CEO’s Meeting With Obama Today

President Obama is pulling out all the stops in trying to take America’s economy back.  Last week he held an impromptu press briefing just minutes before the White House Holiday Party. Obama stepped aside and let former President Clinton command the briefing that went on for close to an hour.

Obama also recently announced new economic incentives such as extending Bush era tax cuts and reaching a free trade accord with South Korea.  Today he is going one step further and meeting with 20 of the nation’s top CEO’s. On that list of course is Google’s Eric Schmidt and Motorola’s Co-CEO Greg Brown.  This isn’t a tech or wireless meeting, but rather a meeting of the minds.  CEO’s of Pepsi, Boeing, UPS and more also show up on the list (below)

These CEO’s have their fingers on the pulse of the American citizen and the American consumer.  Eric Schmidt, the reigning CEO of information, went on the campaign trail for Obama in October of 2008 just before the election.

The meeting will be the largest Obama has held with CEO’s of American businesses.  The administration knows that the country will not be able to turn the economy around if the private sector is not on board. In order to do that he needs to pick the brains of these CEO’s with experience with America, in fact, more experience than Obama himself has had.  White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs said “We are not going to see a sustained economic recovery until we see that it is sparked and led by the private sector,”

Reports say that Obama has already met in private with Bill Gates and Warren Buffet. Here is a list of the CEO’s in today’s (Wednesday) meeting:

Greg Brown, co-CEO, Motorola, Inc.

John Chambers, chairman and CEO, Cisco Systems Inc.

Kenneth Chenault, CEO, American Express

Dave Cote, chairman, president and CEO, Honeywell International Inc.

Scott Davis, chairman and CEO, UPS

John Doerr, partner, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers

Mark Gallogly, managing partner and co-founder, Centerbridge Partners

Lew Hay, chairman and CEO, NextEra Energy

Jeffrey Immelt, chairman and CEO, General Electric

Ellen Kullman, CEO, DuPont

John Lechleiter, president and CEO, Eli Lilly

Andrew Liveris, president, CEO and chairman, Dow Chemical

James McNerney, chairman, president and CEO, Boeing

Indra Nooyi, chairman and CEO, PepsiCo

Paul Otellini, CEO, Intel

Penny Pritzker, chairman and CEO, Pritzker Realty Group

Brian Roberts, chairman and CEO, Comcast

Jim Rogers, chairman, president and CEO, Duke Energy

Eric Schmidt, chairman and CEO, Google

Robert Wolf, chairman and CEO, UBS Group Americas

Source: Forbes

Comcast Jumps on the NO to Google TV Bandwagon

It’s disheartening that every time I turn around there is another company that has decided not to play nice with Google TV. Since it’s release last month Google TV has lost, not gained, more and more content.

The latest provider to announce they aren’t supporting Google TV is Comcast and their Xfinity Everywhere Play.  Comcast says that there Xfinity Everywhere play utilizes a proprietary software and therefore is not compatible. Hulu, owned by Newscorp, also does not support Google TV although we here they are in negotiations.

Fox, CBS, ABC and NBC have all blocked Google TV access to their internet content streams.  Let’s again reitterate that the networks themselves will play live on Google TV devices. Also content recorded via DVR can be played via Google TV devices. What’s blocked in this case is the access to play the internet content on the TV networks sites.

One of the “Wow” factors at the Google TV/Sony press event was the ability to search for a program name, find it’s live content, recorded content, internet site, social media sites for the program and archived content via the websites. This works for many networks just not the big 4 and now Comcast’s Xfinity!

As the weeks go on since Google TV’s release, and the conent providers decrease we wanted to know if Google was actively working on these relationships with content providers. A Google spokesperson told

“We’re in the early phases of Google TV and already have strong partnerships with Best Buy, Logitech and Sony, among others. We are excited about the opportunities our new platform creates for both established media companies like Turner and HBO, and tens of thousands of content creators large and small. Google TV enables access to all the web content you already get today on your phone and PC, but it is ultimately the content owner’s choice to restrict users from accessing their content on the platform.”

One of the hurdles for Google TV is they haven’t been able to show broadcaster’s how content is being kept safe on the platform. They also haven’t been able to show a business model where the broadcaster’s can benefit from their content on Google TV.

Source: Fiercevideo and