Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 in Gold-Brown photo surfaces

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 7.0 will soon come in the Gold-Brown color variant, if an image render posted by @evleaks is to be believed. This adds one additional choice to consumers who have their eyes on the 7-incher. To date, the device only comes in White. The leaked image is in line with a

Google IO Coverage: In The Sandbox With Light Box

This is like a fox in a box on sox in the sandbox with Light Box. Lightbox is a new photo app for Android that includes just about all the components you’d need in a multi-facceted complete photo experience. Lightbox includes a feature packed photo app complete with filters. It also has a comprehensive, cloud

OpED: Why So Much Hate Towards Color And Why It Makes Sense

First you will ask what is Color and why we are talking about it… Color is a new start up for both Android and iOS. It hasn’t launch past beta and has already received more then $40 million in funding. So what is Color? A Free application for iPhone and Android devices that allows people