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Coby MID1054

Coby MID1054 Is One of the World’s First 10-Inch Intel-Powered Android Tablets

When you control a high-value market the way Intel does with the PC chip world for several years now, you need a challenge from time to time to make sure you still “got it”. And the latest and possibly hardest challenge undertaken by the Santa Clara-based company is leaving a mark in the crowded and extremely competitive Android décor.

Coby MID1054

Unlike other giants though, Intel has chosen to very carefully attack uncharted territory, unveiling only a handful of modest, budget-conscious Android gadgets during 2012. Phase two of Intel’s Android charge is set to be a little bolder, spearheaded by impressive devices like Lenovo’s K900.

Still, the chip maker continues to focus part of its efforts towards the budget niches of both the smartphone and tablet market, with products like the Coby MID1054. This is one of the world’s first Intel-based 10-inch tabs, being clearly a sort of a test drive for what’s to come.

Set to be made available soon for a yet to be revealed price point, the MID1054 looks in many ways outdated. It only runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, it sports a fairly modest 1,280 x 800 pixels resolution 10.1-inch display and packs a meager 5,150 mAh battery.

But again, the MID1054 should be looked at as a road-opener, so we could all show some leniency to some of its flaws. Especially that, on the whole, the spec sheet doesn’t look bad… for a tab that should be fairly cheap.

The 1.6 GHz Intel Atom Medfield Z2460 processor powering the 10-incher might be a single-core unit, but it’s actually much zippier than some dual-core ARM-based chips since it has support for Hyperthreading. How do I know that? Well, for starters, I’ve seen the same CPU powering the Motorola Razr i phone. And that little guy is certainly no pushover hardware-wise.

The Coby MID1054 has also been put through a complete set of benchmarks by the folks over at YugaTech and the results, while definitely not impressive, recommend the tab for a spot in the mid-range niche.

The Medfield CPU is also accompanied by 1 gig of RAM, so multitasking is not an issue, while the connectivity options include all the works, from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to USB 2.0, microSD support and even mini-HDMI.

Finally, you get dual cameras on the thing, so my personal advice for you is go for this thing if you manage to find it for, say, $250. Also, beware of Intel, because something tells me a few high-end tablets powered by the company’s chips are in the works. And likely some manufactured by bigger names in the industry than Coby.

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