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Get CyanogenMod Apps On Any Device With CM Apps


If you’ve been in Android, you know of the ROM CyanogenMod. Many users still see it as just a way to get stock Android onto any device, but there are also some apps included, many of them better than Google’s own.

Since CyanogenMod is a ROM, you have to root your device to install it and therefore get the apps. But thanks to an unofficial app by the name of CM Apps, you don’t have to root your device.



All you have to do to get the apps is tap on the ones you want. They’ll then be downloaded to your device and be ready for you to use. Here are the apps and tweaks you can download:

  • Apollo – The official CyanogenMod music player
  • Calculator
  • cLock – A Clock/Weather/Calendar Widget
  • CyanogenMod’s Wallpapers
  • DSP Manager – Tweak Sounds
  • File Manager – ““the best file manager in the world”
  • Sound Recorder – Record Voice Memos
  • Torch – A Flashlight App
  • Trebuchet – CyanogenMod’s Launcher

Now since this is an unofficial app and you’re not running CyanogenMod, you might run into some issues depending on your device, Android version, and pre-existing default launcher. And since this is unofficial, Cyanogen might ask the developer to remove the app. But for a free app, this is really great.

Source: Google Play via Cult Of Android