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MediaFire now offering 1TB of cloud storage for $5 per month

The folks at MediaFire are now offering users 1TB of cloud storage for just $5 per month. This is much cheaper compared to rivals like Dropbox or Google Drive, with the latter offering the same amount of storage for $10 per month. One area where MediaFire falls behind though is with regards to dedicated applications

The case for bigger smartphone and tablet storage

There is one thing that gets me bothered when it comes to kids and devices, and it’s storage space. Storage — or the finite aspect of it — seems to be a concept alien to kids at a certain age. For example, I gave my old Samsung Galaxy S3 to my 9-year old and she can’t seem to stop taking videos, photos, screenshots and screen recordings, to the extent that multimedia would fill up the internal storage in less than a day.

SurDoc Offers 100GB Free Cloud Storage For Android Devices

Is your Android device running out of internal storage space? If your device has a microSD slot then you could use it for storage expansion or you could choose to avail of a cloud storage solution. There are various cloud storage solution provides available for Android devices such as Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box to

Apple iCloud Milestone, the Service Now has 300 Million Users

This week marks an Apple iCloud milestone because the service has now reached 300 million users. It should be noted that the Cupertino-based company’s cloud storage service saw a drastic growth since its inception in October 2011. From October 2011 to July 2012 alone, its number of users bubbled up to 150 million. Then, just

Bitcasa Gives Infinite Cloud Storage To Android

You must have heard of DropBox, Box or even SugarSync when searching for a cloud based storage solution. But have you heard of Bitcasa? Just like the previous named services, this service also offers a cloud based solution for anyone who wants to have a secure place to store their data. The only difference is

SkyDrive to Feature Cloud Based Music Player Soon

Cloud is the new medium of storage. Services like DropBox, SkyDrive, iCloud, Google Drive etc have strong presence in the market. Google Drive has its following thanks to Android, and DropBox is the service which sparked it all off initially. Most manufacturers offer their smartphones with hefty DropBox storage. SkyDrive too has its fair share

Google Updates Drive App For Android And iOS

Through its official blog, Google announced the new updates for the Google Drive app. There is one set of updates for the Android version of the app, and another for the iOS version. Users of the iOS version may now edit Google documents, a feature which was once only available on the Android version of

Review: Dropbox

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes Dropbox is another cloud based storage client that you can upload files to from your computer. Dropbox has a very unique system of doing things, but since Google Drive has come along I felt like it’s worth reviewing Dropbox. Google Drive and Dropbox are

Whoops Partner Leaks The Name Google Drive

Everyone is waiting to see the next great product from Google. We’ve heard rumor after rumor that Google is going to unveil a cloud based storage system similar to and dropbox. So far the name we keep hearing is “Google Drive”. Well it looks like partner LucidChart has let the cat out of the

Box Giving Away 50Gb Of Free Storage To Android Users

No that’s not a misprint. Cloud storage provider is known for their 5gb free cloud storage promotions. Now they’ve changed the game and have decided to give Android users 50gb free, yup that’s right just add an extra 0 to that 5gb of storage. All you have to do is download the newest version

Google Drive Getting Closer

Last year we started hearing rumblings of a cloud based file service coming out from Google. Google is the master of the cloud with all of the Google Apps and their easy ability to sync to Android devices. Google is looking to take on competitors like Drop Box, and other cloud based file lockers.

I-Drive Owners Your Android Support Is Here

If you use I-Drive for your cloud based storage needs you’ll be relieved to hear that I-Drive now has an Android application in the market. The I-Drive Android application will allow I-Drive users to get in touch with their I-Drive cloud based storage anywhere they have a 3G/4G or Wi-Fi connection. Connecting to I-Drive via

Android gets mSpot’s Radio Spotter™ Beta before iOS

This is a very welcome change of pace for the staff here at TheDroidGuy, after the countless times that thedroidguy and I were told an app or a startup is “launching first on iOS devices.”  mSpot saves my sanity with their announcement of Radio Spotter – beta. More after the break