Nextbit Robin - Red

A Red version of the Nextbit Robin to launch soon

The #NextbitRobin will soon be available in Red as per multiple confirmations made by the company. The first of these confirmations came in the form of a Twitter post, showing Red paint and a paintbrush alongside the Nextbit Robin. But if that wasn’t enough of a hint, the makers held a Facebook Live session showing

Secure Cloud Storage for Android

Image Source: Open Data Space How secure are your files on the cloud? Ever since you first dialed up to the Internet on your modem, the files and information you kept on your personal computer became a little less secure. These days computing devices are connected to the Internet 24/7, our mail and duplicate copies

Google Apps for Business Gets Major Backer in HP

Google and Hewlett-Packard have just announced that they will be teaming up to offer Google Apps for Business. The initiative is targeted at small and medium businesses. Google Apps is a suite of cloud-based office applications for creating documents and spreadsheets integrated into Google’s cloud-based file storage service. Initially, cloud-based office suites were met with

Dell Acquires Enstratius a Cloud Management Startup

Dell has added another acquisition to the score board in the acquisition of cloud management startup Enstratius. The acquisition of Enstratius allows Dell to offer another way of end to end cloud solutions, enterprise solutions are a larger proportion of Dell’s business since they are trying to move away from consumer goods and become more

Fiabee Cloud Based File Aggregation Updated For Android

2011 was the year for two things in the mobile industry and those are tablets and the cloud. It seems everyone is offering a cloud based service for every possible part of our computing lives. Some companies specialize in photo clouds, while others like and dropbox cover file sharing. Google and other companies offer