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Clearwire Downsizing Retail Operation

We reported in November that Clearwire was going to downsize at least 15% of it’s workforce as they are running out of cash. Shortly after Clearwire did some debt financing but they were still not out of the woods.  Today they have announced that they are moving forward with plans to downsize there retail operation.

OpEd: Clearwire’s Chicken Soup Debate

Below is a Clearwire blog entry in it’s entirity from HERE.  Below the blog entry is thedroidguy’s response: The Chicken Soup Debate December 1st, 2010    ShareThis Today Verizon announced it will officially launch its 4G service on December 5th, and as you’ve likely noticed, the marketing muscle of both Verizon and T-Mobile has suddenly become squarely

Clearwire Secures Funding To Continue Build Out, At Least For Now

When Clearwire reported their last quarterly earnings they also announced they would be tightening up their purse strings and downsize its staffing. At that time it was unclear where Clearwire was going to secure the funding to continue the nationwide build out of their WiMax network. Clearwire, started by Craig McCaw of McCaw Cellular/Cellular One

Sprint lights up New York’s Wimax network

Sticking to their word Sprint has officially launched “Wi-Max” service in the New York metropolitan area. “Wi-Max” is referred to by Sprint and partner Clearwire as “4G” despite not reaching speeds of 100mbps, the “4G” standard set by the ITU-R, and reinforced by the organizations standards board late last month. Regardless of the actual name,

Amazing 4G Summit in California

Over the past two days some of the bigger players in the 4G wireless industry converged together in the Bay Area for the World Wireless Congress’ 4G Summit. As Willie W. Lu, PHD , Professor at Stanford University and Panelist on several of the most influential panels on emerging technologies across the globe said, that