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Best Buy’s Latest Victim: Best Buy Connect

Best Buy is internally restructuring itself after a bad year. We reported earlier that they were shutting down 50 of their big box stores and opening more small stores in malls and shopping centers.  Now we’ve heard via Engadget that they’re shutting down their short lived Best Buy Connect service. If you’re asking yourself, what

Dan Hesse: Android Users Use More Data Than iPhone Users

Sprint CEO was the featured guest on a Mobile Live video interview published yesterday. Hesse was defending Sprint’s strategy on betting so much on the iPhone. Sprint’s guy next door CEO Hesse has come under fire recently by reportedly committing to the purchase of 30 million iPhones. When asked to comment in his Mobile World

CricKet Leaps To Clearwire After LightSquared Failure

The failure of LightSquared could go down in history as one of the worst failures in mobile industry history. The Northern Virginia satellite company had a gigantic master plan to roll out a wholesale LTE network over frequencies that used to be used for government and military GPS. Time and time again LightSquared went back

Google Backs Out Of Clearwire, Liquidates Holding For 47 Million

Back in 2008 as Clearwire was emerging as the new 4G platform, Google invested over half a billion dollars in the Craig McCaw backed start up for 6.5% of the company. As we’ve seen over the last four years, things at Clearwire didn’t go according to plan.  They constantly shuffled executives and couldn’t hit their

Sprint Extends Deadline For Lightsquared Deal

Last week Sprint released a progress report on it’s Network Vision which is a collective plan for all of Sprint’s network enhancements including 4G/LTE. Sprint said in that report that they were on track to start lighting up a 4G/LTE network in 2013. Now that we are just one year away from that goal, many

Emergence Of Tablets In High Speed Wireless Wars

The answer to the eternal question is, yes, size does matter. Take a moment to retrieve your mind from the gutter, because we’re talking about screen size. Electronics manufacturers spent years convincing us that we could not ever hope to experience satisfaction from watching the game on a 27” television screen, not when there was a 32”

Sprint “The Enabler” May Come To Clearwire’s Rescue Again

Dan Hesse has got to be feeling like Al Bundy these days, you know with his wallet out sitting on the couch. Several industry sites are reporting that Sprint has been talking with cable companies and other Clearwire investment partners about taking over the whole kit and kaboodle. In 2008 Clearwire merged with Sprint and

Clearwire to receive a “substantial” investment from Sprint

Last week we covered Merrill Lynch’s downgrade of Clearwire (NASDAQ: CLWR) in response to the lack of funding in the foreseeable future.  Michael Funk went so far as to suggest his target price for Clearwire was $.50 a share. Debt financing: “Clearwire can’t fill the funding gap with debt, in our view, as secured debt

Clearwire Introduces New Clear Spot 4G Apollo Hot Spot

Clearwire has announced a new device in it’s portfolio of internet devices.  The new Clear Spot 4G allows “unlimited” access to Clearwire’s Wimax network in 70 markets across the country.  The Clear Spot 4G has the ability to connect up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices to Clearwire’s network. This new hotspot for Clearwire brings improved

Motorola Lays Off 175 From It’s WiMax Unit

Yesterday we brought you a story about how Digitimes is reporting that LTE will trump Wimax by a factor of 10 to 1 by 2014.  Just before we posted that story we also reported that Clearwire is shutting down several of it’s retail store fronts in an effort to cut 15% of it’s work force.