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Samsung Galaxy S4 Problems in WiFi and Internet-Related Errors

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This article will quickly answer a couple of WiFi and Internet-related issues associated with the Samsung Galaxy S4 which were sent to us via The Droid Guy Mailbag.

Question Number 1 — Samsung Galaxy S4 Switches from WiFi to Mobile Data Automatically

One of our readers emailed us saying, “I am an owner of a Samsung Galaxy S4. I live in an area where the Internet connection is quite unstable. So, when I am connected via WiFi and the Internet suddenly goes intermittent, the phone automatically switches to cellular data which eats up my mobile plan. Is there a way to disable such feature?”

We agree that this can be such a pain. However, this can be easily remedied by disabling the “Auto Network Switch” feature of your Galaxy S4.

To do this, go to Settings. Then, proceed to Connections. Next, go to the WiFi option. After that, press the Menu button and choose Advanced among the given choices. From there, make sure that the “Auto Network Switch” is not active, the WiFi timer is off and that the option “Keep Wi-Fi On During Sleep” is set to Always.

Question Number 2 — Samsung Galaxy S4 Internet is Unstable Since 4.3 Update

Another message sent to us asks, “My Galaxy S4’s Internet has been crappy since the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update. So far, my other Android devices are running smoothly when surfing the web. My phone was also okay before the update. How do I fix this?”

While we have always advised that a Factory Reset is highly recommended after updating the OS version to enable a clean or smooth installation, some contributors in the Android Central forum have claimed that simply clearing the cache partition of their phones worked for them.

First backup all your data and switch off your Galaxy S4. Second, hold the Volume Up, Home and Power buttons altogether until the phone shows the Android logo or you are already under Recovery Mode. Third, use the Volume Down keys to highlight “Wipe Cache Partition”. Lastly, reboot your phone.

Here’s a quick video tutorial on how to wipe your cache partition:

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Source: Android Central