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Emergence Of Tablets In High Speed Wireless Wars

The answer to the eternal question is, yes, size does matter. Take a moment to retrieve your mind from the gutter, because we’re talking about screen size. Electronics manufacturers spent years convincing us that we could not ever hope to experience satisfaction from watching the game on a 27” television screen, not when there was a 32”

Clearwire Introduces New Clear Spot 4G Apollo Hot Spot

Clearwire has announced a new device in it’s portfolio of internet devices.  The new Clear Spot 4G allows “unlimited” access to Clearwire’s Wimax network in 70 markets across the country.  The Clear Spot 4G has the ability to connect up to 8 Wi-Fi enabled devices to Clearwire’s network. This new hotspot for Clearwire brings improved

OpEd: Clearwire’s Chicken Soup Debate

Below is a Clearwire blog entry in it’s entirity from HERE.  Below the blog entry is thedroidguy’s response: The Chicken Soup Debate December 1st, 2010    ShareThis Today Verizon announced it will officially launch its 4G service on December 5th, and as you’ve likely noticed, the marketing muscle of both Verizon and T-Mobile has suddenly become squarely

Amazing 4G Summit in California

Over the past two days some of the bigger players in the 4G wireless industry converged together in the Bay Area for the World Wireless Congress’ 4G Summit. As Willie W. Lu, PHD , Professor at Stanford University and Panelist on several of the most influential panels on emerging technologies across the globe said, that