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Citibank Is Working With Android Pay

Android Pay just launched a week ago on September 10th, and is already available at a variety of stores. But, in order to use Android Pay, your bank has to support the system. Some banks, such as Wells Fargo and Bank Of America, supported the service on day 1. However, it looks like Google is flipping

PayPal/Ebay Sue Google Over Google Wallet On Day 1

From the wow that didn’t take long category, Paypal and their parent company Ebay have sued Google in a California Court over Google’s new Google Wallet service.  Google Wallet was announced Thursday morning in New York and moments after Paypal filed their lawsuit. More after the break

Google’s Live Press Event For Google Wallet

Today, Google held a press event in New York to announce their upcoming Google Wallet. According to Google’s Commerce Vice President Stephanie Tilenius,E-commerce is still only 8 percent of total retail, which in turn means that 92 percent of shopping still happens in the real world. Google believes that the shopping experience has not been fully transformed by technology