5 Best Cell Phone Signal Booster for Android

Despite the effort from all the main carriers, there are still many areas with poor signal coverage. From remote parts of the country to tunnels and subways to office spaces surrounded by tall buildings and skyscrapers. Signal interruptions and drops cause businesses money, and they complicate the lives public safety first responders. Cell phone signal

5 Best AT&T Signal Boosters For Your Android Phone

Getting a proper cell reception can be difficult at times. Since it’s not always the network provider’s fault, all fingers point towards the carrier in such circumstances. So how exactly is it that you get less network coverage at times? Well, there are a variety of factors at play when this happens. Let’s talk about a

5 Best Cell Signal Boosters For Better AT&T Reception In 2019

Are you on AT&T and struggling with getting decent cell reception? AT&T is one of the better networks out of the four, so coverage is already pretty great, but there are still areas that you might have trouble getting a good signal from. For example, basements are notoriously bad at letting cellular coverage break through.

US will continue to dominate internet traffic in 2017

Every year Cisco publishes their report on online traffic and data usage and this year’s report show some interesting information. Cisco estimates that over 1.4 zetabytes of data will be transferred globally by 2017. To give you a perspective on how big the figure is, 1.4 zetabyte is equivalent to over 1 billion DVDs played

Belkin Announces The Total Purchase Of Linksys

Belkin just finalized the complete acquisition of Linksys from Cisco according to CNET. Despite the said announcement, however, it was clear that Linksys is too big of a name to remove it from the picture. Hence, it is understandable why Belkin opted to keep Linksys a separate brand. Linksys was bought by Cisco back in

Cisco To Sell Linksys Division To Belkin

Cisco is changing its business strategy by focusing more on becoming a top enterprise IT vendor and leaving behind its consumer business. In line with this, the company will be selling its Linksys division to Belkin. Linksys was acquired by Cisco in 2003 and this line carried a diverse range of home networking products. How

Cisco Cius Headed To AT&T

The 7″ multi-touch screened Android device targeted at businesses and called the Cisco Cius, is headed to AT&T. Crunchgear reported earlier in the day, that the Cisco Cius will be sold to their government and institutional buyers.  Cisco is also trying to sell this device (which also has a desktop phone) to their bigger corporate

Cisco Cius Android Tablet Starts Shipping

Do you remember that cool little business phone and Android tablet combination that was announced by Cisco last summer?  The Cisco Cius was that device and promised to be a new tablet and converged experience for business users. Well the Cisco Cius has started shipping. Cisco is sticking to their business guns on this one