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Google IO Live: Day 2 Keynote Part ONE

9:59am Peter Vesterbacka from Rovio on stage talking about Angry Birds for Chrome. Just announced you can play the complete game off line

9:54am Chrome Web Store in app percentage for google is only 5%

9:51am showing the importance of frictionless in app payment


9:48am: Chrome Webstore launching today in 41 languages and available to all 160,000,000 users

9:46am Showing off sprite animation using accelerated GPU with 1000 fish on the screen

9:41am: Showing the fish bowl example with accelerated GPU on Chrome

9:39am Taylor just demoed a celebrity search via speech on chrome which worked flawlessly. He is now using speech to translate from English to Chinese

9:38am: Taylor is introducing a demo of Chrome speech. He is demoing a Chrome app called “clicler”

9:37am: Ian Ellison Taylor o the Chrome team on stage talking new features of Chrome

9:34 Chrome has reached 160,000,000 users worldwide. They are releasing updates every 6 weeks

9:33AM Vice President of Chrome to talk about Chrome, Chrome Webstore and Chrome OS

9:32AM: Vic said 600,000 viewed the web stream yesterday. Also he said everyone is getting a Samsung/Verizon LTE mifi hotspot (but it won’t work well in here)

9:31am And we’re live

Unlike Steve Jobs, Vic Gundotra has a wardrobe

9:29am Final call from the lady who sounds like the girl from Blog Talk Radio

9:28am People asking in the press row about the Android Beanie

9:26am Press is in place, Attendees are seated and there is a sea of Green Android Barbecue T-shirts throughout the room