Google’s Chromecast Is Now Rooted

Whenever a device from a big name company gets released it’s only a matter of time before a person hacks into it. The release of Google’s Chromecast last week which is a media streamer proved to be quite popular due to its low selling price. Just like any other popular device it has already been

Worlds FIRST Chrome OS Desktop Computer

A company out of Utah called Xi3 is set to release later this year, the first in what we’ll see as a slew of Chrome OS desktop computers. Unlike most computers that come with a tower and extra hardware this unit just comes with  the “tower” or more like square in this instance. The ChromiumPC will

Rumor: Chrome OS to ship this month is reporting that component manufacturers are saying that we will start seeing Chrome OS devices this month.  Acer has been talking about a Chrome OS notebook for months now. Acer released a dual boot notebook overseas this year which boots both windows and Android and has been praising the forthcoming Google OS from as