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Sling TV Comes To Chromecast

After being teased back in September, Sling TV now works on the Chromecast. For those not in the know, Sling TV is a service offered by Dish for cord-cutters to help them keep watching live TV, such as ESPN, AMC, and others for $20 per month. This is great for cord-cutters who only have a Chromecast


Google responds to claims they intentionally blocked Chromecast app

Koushik Dutta worked for a few weeks on his AllCast app, after previewing many of the functions in short YouTube videos, it was reverse engineered onto the Google Play store for users with an Android smartphone and Chromecast. Google recently updated the Chromecast with some firmware updates and this blocked AllCast functionality. The Chromecast is


New Chromecast app allows streaming from Dropbox

The Chromecast SDK is still in beta, leaving app developers sitting on their app, incapable of getting it onto the Chromecast or Google Play store. For developers to get apps onto the store, they need to contact Google, who may or may not allow it. Koushik Datta has created another application from Chromecast, after previously


New Chromecast app allows local media streaming

The Chromecast is already a great tool, but developer Koushik Datta wants to make it even better, by allowing more media to be streamed onto the TV, not just from some apps and the web. In this short video put together, Datta shows how he can record his dog on his phone and then go into gallery