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[Deal] 2nd gen Google Chromecast w/ 3 months of HBO Now for $25

The 2nd gen #GoogleChromecast has been fairly successful in the market, thanks in part to the popularity of the first generation variant. Well, this attractive HDMI compatible streaming accessory can now be yours for just $25 courtesy of a deal over at eBay. To make the deal even sweeter, Google is offering three months of

[Deal] 2nd gen Chromecast with 3 months of HBO Now for $25

Earlier today, we spoke about a deal on the #Chromecast which was offering customers 3 months of HBO Now for free. Well, an eBay retailer has gone a step further. In addition to the 3 months of HBO Now, the retailer is also waiving $10 on the Chromecast, bringing its cost down to just $25.

Chromecast Ultra

4K compatible Chromecast Ultra leaks out in press rendering

The #ChromecastUltra is expected to mark Google’s formal entry in the 4K video streaming segment, something that’s taken Google quite a while to get into. But better late than never, right? We’re now getting a very good glimpse of this new device that is expected to be shown off by the company during its October

[Deal] First-gen Google Chromecast for $25.99

We’ve seen some pretty cool deals on the new Chromecast. But today, we’re coming across an exciting deal on the 1st gen Chromecast. An eBay retailer is offering this nifty accessory for just $25.99, which is an almost $9 discount on its initial pricing of $35. Of course, you can get a 2nd gen Chromecast

[Deal] 2nd gen Google Chromecast for $30

The 2nd gen #Google #Chromecast can now be yours for just $30. This is a $5 discount from its original price of $35. Even though you’re not saving much here, this is a worthwhile deal given that deals on the Chromecast aren’t that common. This is because the profit margins for Google is pretty low

Nexus 6P Father's Day

Google slashes $50 off the Nexus 6P for Father’s Day

The #Google #Nexus6P is now available with a $50 discount now with the company currently running a Father’s Day promotion. The discount applies to all models and makes the premier Nexus flagship slightly more affordable for the customers. The Chromecast and Chromecast Audio are also receiving a discount, but for $5, bringing down their prices

Sling TV Comes To Chromecast

After being teased back in September, Sling TV now works on the Chromecast. For those not in the know, Sling TV is a service offered by Dish for cord-cutters to help them keep watching live TV, such as ESPN, AMC, and others for $20 per month. This is great for cord-cutters who only have a Chromecast

Google Chromecast getting support for Spotify thanks to a new update

The second-gen #Chromecast already supports #Spotify as we all know by now. However, the first gen model was lacking support, although #Google promised to enable it very soon. Well it now seems like the update has finally gone live with the owners of the original Chromecast finally able to use Spotify. In order to load Spotify