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Chromebook Pixel

Chromebook pixel starts shipping today

  Back in February, Google shocked the market by introducing Chromebook pixel, a high end laptop designed to compete with macbooks and ultrabooks. We had seen a number of rumors surround the internet about a similar device that month, but we never expected the device to be that good. Well, why would we, considering the

How to Run Linux Mint On Chromebook Pixel

The Chromebook Pixel is Google’s latest Chromebook device that everyone could easily fall in love with. The device comes with great specs such as having a Gorilla Glass 2 multi-touch screen with 2560 x 1700 resolution as well as using a Core i5 processor. Some people however think that the price tag of $1300 is

Google Goes High-End with the Chromebook Pixel

Rumors started surfacing early this month that Google was in the final stages of preparing to release a new high end Chromebook dubbed Pixels.  This at first didn’t sound realistic, especially now as Google seems to boast in the glory of the success of Android as a tablet and smartphone operating system, but the Pixel

Rumor: Google Working On Chromebook Pixel

We might be seeing a new breed of Chromebooks coming soon if rumors are to be believed. Francois Beaufort recently made a post with a photo of a device described as Chromebook Pixel. If the name Beaufort seems familiar to you he is the same person who provided a screenshot of the new notification center