Google Chromebook Verizon Wireless Data Pricing

As we all know the next installment of ChromeOS is headed to two new laptop devices called “Chromebooks”. Both Samsung and Acer are the launch partners for the new Chromebooks. The Samsung Chromebook launched this month and the Acer Chromebook launches in July. Both devices come with integrated 3G data capabilities powered by the Verizon

Worlds FIRST Chrome OS Desktop Computer

A company out of Utah called Xi3 is set to release later this year, the first in what we’ll see as a slew of Chrome OS desktop computers. Unlike most computers that come with a tower and extra hardware this unit just comes with  the “tower” or more like square in this instance. The ChromiumPC will

Google Live: Day Two Keynote PART DEUX

1034am: Chromebooks for education is prices at $20 per user 10:33am: making a desktop box too for Chrome 10:30am- Announced 2 Chromebooks one by Samsung and one by Acer which will be available June 15th – With 3g and 100 mb free the Samsung is $499 – Acer starts at $349.99 10:23am Gmail, Google Calendar

Google IO Live: Day 2 Keynote Part ONE

9:59am Peter Vesterbacka from Rovio on stage talking about Angry Birds for Chrome. Just announced you can play the complete game off line 9:54am Chrome Web Store in app percentage for google is only 5% 9:51am showing the importance of frictionless in app payment 9:50am 9:48am: Chrome Webstore launching today in 41 languages and available

Chrome Coming To Tablets, Honeycomb To Phones

Cnet and Fierce are reporting that new revelations in the Chrome OS source code are indicative that it’s being released to tablets. When Google Chrome was announced last year it was said to be headed to multiple platforms and form factors and that netbooks would originally be the focus at release.  When we started hearing