Google Chromecast Chrome Extension now available to Download

Most of you guys don’t have the Chromecast dongle yet, but the Chrome extension is now available for download through the Chrome web store. As mentioned in the extension description, the extension will allow you to cast your Chrome browser through the Chromecast dongle. Of course, this extension is free, and the dongle will cost


Google unveils Chromecast, the second shot in TV

Chromecast is the new way for users to connect their phone, tablet or laptop to the TV simply. Google revealed the 2-inch dongle, when plugged into the TVs HDMI port, it connects to the home WiFi and from there users can “cast” programs on YouTube, Netflix, Google Play Movies and music from Google Play Music


Google Chrome for Android updated with new translation bar

Google has updated the Chrome for Android app with a nifty little feature which makes it that much similar to the desktop version. Users will now see a translation bar every time a foreign language website is visited and will be able to translate the entire page. The update also brings a neat little bandwidth

AMD No Longer Just Bound To Windows OS, Now Open to Android

AMD chips are no longer just limited for Windows-based devices. A new report from PCWorld said its manufacturer is now considering expanding its line of operations to include computing devices plus smartphones and tablets that are running under the Android and Chrome operating systems. Lisa Su, senior vice president and general manager of global business

Google adds Notifications to Chrome OS and Web apps

Google has now added the ability to add push notification to developers web apps for Chrome the browser and Chrome OS, Google’s Cloud Messaging for Chrome will allow web developers to send messages to Google’s servers; the message will then be transferred to the browser in real time. Push Notifications Finally Available on Chrome Browser

Google Goes High-End with the Chromebook Pixel

Rumors started surfacing early this month that Google was in the final stages of preparing to release a new high end Chromebook dubbed Pixels.  This at first didn’t sound realistic, especially now as Google seems to boast in the glory of the success of Android as a tablet and smartphone operating system, but the Pixel

Google Extends Free Gmail Voice Calls Through 2013

In what is appearing to become a holiday tradition for the company, Google has announced through their blog that they will be extending the free Gmail voice call service through 2013. This service allows anyone in the U.S, or Canada to make free domestic calls.  This will be the third straight year of extension for

Google Now Will Be Integrated With The Chrome Browser

As you know, Google has been hard at work trying to unite their products, and today we’re seeing Google’s Chrome team integrating Google Now into the Chrome browser. A Chrome user was able to spot the code being put into the Chromium project that is “creating a skeleton for Google Now for Chrome implementation.” We’ll obviously

Play Magazines Now Readable Through Google Chrome

If you read my previous opinion on Play Magazines, you’ll understand that I was really excited to start reading magazines straight from the comfort of my tablet. I love magazines when it comes to gaming, and surely the tablet was only going to increase that. There is this sort of convenience when reading magazines on the tablet,

Browser Wars: Google Chrome still leading

If you are a Microsoft Windows user, you have most probably used Internet Explorer. Internet Explorer needs to introduction, and this browser has been bundled with Microsoft’s Windows line up of operating system since 1995. The latest version of Internet Explorer, the Internet Explorer 9, is quite good, however, previous versions have been buggy and

Review: Chrome for Android BETA

Available On: Android, iOS Price: Free Download: Google Play | iTunes There are a lot of browsers out there and sometimes it’s very hard to choose which one to use. In my case right now, I use Firefox because it is my preference and rarely has any issues. If there is an issue it gets

Google Chrome for iOS Hands On

After a long and excruciating wait, Google Chrome has finally arrived on App Store. The Android version had been launched a couple of months ago, which received universal acclaim. Following Google’s I/O keynote, Chrome was launched for the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch. Chrome for iOS brings with it all the well known features

Chrome for Windows 8 Metro is Here

Last week, Google had promised a sneak peak of Chrome that would run on Window 8, the latest version of Windows operating system. Staying true to its word, Google recently shipped the browser (labeled 21.0.1171.0) to its Dev channel. Dev channel represents all features of a particular product in their most nascent stage. Dev is

Android’s Stock Browser Now Most Used Mobile Browser In The World

With the growth of Android continuing to 850,000 activations a day, there is obviously going to be some other milestones that our favorite OS is reaching. The most recent is the Android browser now being the most used mobile browser across the globe. In a recent report from StatCounter, Android’s stock browser now holds 22.67%

Google Posts Chrome For Android Teaser Video, Now Available!

Android fans and Google loyalists are anxiously awaiting the release of Google’s Chrome browser for Android. Google promises a quicker browser with the ability to fan through open tabs like a deck of cards. You’ll also be able to share Google Chrome screens across multiple devices at the same time. Bookmarks will be interchangeable and

Google Currents Launches As Google’s New Flipboard-style Reader

Today, Google announced on their blog that they are launching their newest product, Google Currents. Google currents is a news and RSS reader, that allows you to view all kinds of different stories in a Flipboard-style layout. If you’re unfamiliar with Flipboard, it is an iPad application that shows users a news feed in a

Google Donates 600 Chromebooks For Hospitalized Vets

Google has donated 600 Google Chromebook computers for use by hospitalized vets.  The Chromebooks, donated in conjunction with the Red Cross, will allow hospitalized vets to keep in touch with friends and family members online while hospitalized. The American Red Cross and Google are deploying the first 100 Chromebooks at Walter Reed National Military Medical

Google Kills The FireFox Tool Bar

New Google CEO, and Co-Founder, Larry page has been busy eliminating projects at Google that don’t fit with their current strategy. Ever since he took over in April he’s wanted to make sure that things at Google are streamlined. In fact he told the press members and analysts on Google’s second quarter earnings call that