Galaxy Chromebook

Samsung Announces Galaxy Chromebook With a 4K AMOLED Display and S Pen

Samsung has just announced the Galaxy Chromebook ahead of the CES 2020 event, and it’s simply stunning. The first Chromebook to feature an AMOLED display, this Chrome OS notebook is packing a 13.4-inch 4K resolution touchscreen AMOLED display and a beautiful exterior design thanks to the aluminum construction. This allows the display to rotate 360

Chromebook - Play Store

Update to ASUS Chromebook Flip brings Play Store support

The #ASUS #ChromebookFlip is now getting an update to Chrome 53, which seemingly enables support for the Google Play Store. As you might recall, Google officially announced #PlayStore support for Chromebooks roughly a month ago, so it’s high time that the update was sent out to existing Chromebooks. However, Chrome 53 is currently seeding through the dev channel,

Acer Chromebook Deal

Play Store and Android apps officially coming to Chrome OS

Before the Google I/O event commenced a few hours ago, it was largely believed that #Google w0uld have some good news in store for Chrome OS users. Well, that news has finally been broken, with Google announcing the imminent arrival of Android apps and Play Store for the Chrome OS platform. This would finally help the

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Google refutes rumors of Chrome OS and Android merging

There was talk recently that #Google would be looking to merge #Android and #ChromeOS by 2017. Having heard this report countless times on the internet over the weekend, Google has now uploaded a lengthy post explaining their stance on the matter. The company has categorically mentioned that Chrome OS will remain to function independently for

Toshiba Chromebook 2

Chrome OS And Android Might Merge In 2017

Rumors have been around for awhile that Chrome OS and Android would merge. After all, they are pretty similar, especially now that Android apps work on Chrome OS. But according to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), the two operating systems could merge completely by 2017. According to the Wall Street Journal, Google has actually been working

HP Chromebook 14

HP releases new Chromebook 14 for $249.99

Google’s #Chromebook started off as a niche product but has since been available more freely. Multiple manufacturers have partnered with Google to launch Chromebooks since then and we’ve seen a variety of devices fitting a wide range of market segments. HP has now released a new budget Chromebook for the markets called the Chromebook 14, carrying

ASUS Chromebook Flip makes its way to the Google Store

ASUS‘ Chromebook Flip notebook has just made its way to the Google Store with an ultra affordable price tag, giving users yet another Chromebook to pick from without breaking the bank too much. The device comes with a touchscreen as well, which adds to the overall user experience. The display can be tilted 180 degrees to be

Chromebook 11.6

[Deal] Samsung’s 11.6 inch Chromebook now selling for $159.99

Chromebooks are exceptional productivity devices and a lifeline for those who rely on Google services. If you were contemplating the purchase of a Chromebook for yourself, you will be pleased to know that Groupon is offering an excellent deal on one of Samsung’s Chromebooks. The device is on offer is the company’s 11.6 inch Chromebook and

[Deal] HP Chromebook 14 now available for $210

You can now get HP’s Chromebook 14 for just $209.99 through Woot as part of a new deal. This is the model with NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 SoC on board, so you’re getting the best for your money. The Chromebook 14 also comes with 16GB of SSD storage, 2GB of RAM and Google’s proprietary Chrome OS

Acer Chromebook 13

Acer announces Chromebook 13 packing a Tegra K1 SoC for $279

Renowned PC manufacturer Acer has announced a new Chrome OS notebook, dubbed the Chromebook 13 packing a high power NVIDIA Tegra K1 mobile SoC. This chipset will help reduce battery consumption and provide decent backup compared to conventional notebooks or even Chromebooks. Going by the name, Acer promises that the device will offer battery backup of

Best Google Chromebooks money can buy in July 2014

I remember it as if it were yesterday. Perhaps anticipating the imminent fall of netbooks, Google envisioned a different type of inexpensive, compact laptops called Chromebooks in 2011. Highly reliant on the web, these would be initially berated and laughed out of the then competitive PC stage. But it’s not like Big G to give

Google Patents A Laptop With A Built-In Smartphone

We have already seen laptops that use a smartphone to function properly courtesy of Asus and its Transformer line of products. It looks like Google is interested in this concept and aims to improve on it based on a recent patent that it filed. US patent 8,649,821 which was filed last September 2012 was granted

Will Android be a good laptop OS?

Recently, I wrote about Intel’s efforts in developing a processing platform that could turn Android into a mainstream desktop platform. This will clearly capitalize on a low-power architecture, while still delivering the performance requirements that desktop-bound computing will require. This points to one thing of course: notebook computers, or at least tablets that are also


Intel Haswell chips may power next generation Chromebooks

Google’s Chrome OS has been a mixed bag of success, with Samsung’s netbook the top seller in the store for 300 days and other rumors saying Chrome OS has less than 1% of all the PC marketshare. Despite questionable penetration in the market, more manufacturers are deciding to develop a Chromebook, with Samsung, Acer,