Automatically Delete Chrome Browser Cookies At Exit In Windows 10

Limit Download Speed of Chrome Procedure

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser that’s being used all over the world. It’s minimalist design paired with its fast operation are some of its advantages when compared to other browsers. While this browser has a great download manager there are times when you will want to limit its download speed. In this

YouTube Videos Not Playing

How To Fix YouTube Freezes On Chrome Issue Quick and Easy Way

YouTube is one of the most popular video streaming platforms in the world today. People can easily upload their videos and view videos shared by others using this platform. Accessing this service is quite using various devices . Sometimes though there are issues that can occur when trying to access YouTube. In this latest installment

Enable WebGL On Google Chrome

How To Enable WebGL On Google Chrome Quick and Easy Way

WebGL, which is short for Web Graphics Library, is a JavaScript API that allows compatible web browsers to render 2D and 3D graphics without the assistance of a plug-in. It is often used by developers to provide a platform-independent means of creating interactive graphical applications on the web. It can be used to draw the

Turn Off Facebook Notification On Chrome

How To Turn Off Facebook Notification On Chrome

Facebook is a popular social media network that allows people to stay connected. You will usually be getting notifications from friends or groups you follow on their latest updates. While this can be good, sometimes you just want to prevent getting these notifications, especially if you are working. In this latest installment of our troubleshooting

Facebook Videos Not Playing In Chrome

How To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing In Chrome Issue

Facebook is a popular social media network which allows people to connect easily with one another. It can be accessed from almost any computing device from a computer, phone, or tablet. On a Windows 10 computer, the popular way to access this network is by using Google Chrome. There are however instances when certain issues

Error Loading Media File could Not Be Played

Fix Chrome Error Loading Media File Could Not Be Played Issue

Google Chrome is currently the most popularly used browser in the world today. It has several outstanding features which makes it the top choice among computer users. There’s in fact an operating system built on Chrome, called ChromeOS, which can perform just as good as a Windows based computer. Although this is a solid browser

How To Fix Chrome Keeps Opening New Tabs Issue

How To How To Stop Chrome From Opening On Startup

Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser being used today which is available in various platforms. It is preferred by a lot of people for its speed and minimalistic design. Although this is quite a solid and stable browser there are instances when certain issues can occur which we will be addressing today. In

Automatically Delete Chrome Browser Cookies At Exit In Windows 10

How To Change Language In Google Chrome

Google Chrome has come a long way since its initial release in 2008. Back then the most popular browser was Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Today, Chrome holds a 66% worldwide usage of browsers for the desktop platform while holding a commanding 56% share on all platforms combined. If you own an Android smartphone then chances are

Chrome Logo

Google refutes rumors of Chrome OS and Android merging

There was talk recently that #Google would be looking to merge #Android and #ChromeOS by 2017. Having heard this report countless times on the internet over the weekend, Google has now uploaded a lengthy post explaining their stance on the matter. The company has categorically mentioned that Chrome OS will remain to function independently for

HP Chromebook 14

HP releases new Chromebook 14 for $249.99

Google’s #Chromebook started off as a niche product but has since been available more freely. Multiple manufacturers have partnered with Google to launch Chromebooks since then and we’ve seen a variety of devices fitting a wide range of market segments. HP has now released a new budget Chromebook for the markets called the Chromebook 14, carrying

Chrome Logo

Google officially shutting down Chrome Notification Center

#Google #Chrome Notification Center is quite a handy tool which lets users keep a tab on notifications from extensions and other tools that they have installed on their browser. The Mountain View giant has now announced that this feature will be shut down soon, citing lack of interest among existing customers. As of now, Google

New Chrome extension fills blank browser tabs with art

Folks at the Google Art Project have introduced a new Chrome extension which fills unused browser tabs with artwork. Users can pick from a variety of art, ranging from historic moments (photographs), world wonders etc. After installing this extension, you will notice an artwork every time a new tab is opened. You can find a

Google Stopping Updates For Chrome On Ice Cream Sandwich At v42

Google originally released Chrome for Android on Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) way back in February 2012. Now, with Ice Cream Sandwich’s marketshare at 5.9%, Google will no longer provide Android updates to that version of the platform. Google gave this reason as to why there will no longer be updates: “In the last year, we’ve

Google Switching Web Engines To Get Faster Browsing In Chrome

Starting in a few weeks, Google will be switching web rendering engines from SPDY to HTTP/2. With this switch, Google says that this will result in faster web browsing. For those unfamiliar with these protocols, they are for networking on the Internet. The current protocol for HTTP browsing is HTTP 1.1. Google was the primary developer