Samsung dominates Android traffic in North America

Samsung leads in terms of Android web traffic in the United States and Canada as compared to other Android smartphone and tablet brands. The information comes from Chitika, which based the results on online ad impressions they recorded between the dates of June 17 to 23, 2013. Chitika arrived at the results by analysing ad

Over 60% of iPhones are running iOS 6

With iPhone 5, Apple also launched the next version of its popular mobile operating system, the iOS 6. There are many controversies that are surrounding this update of iOS. When it comes to software, Apple is assumed to pay a lot of attention to very minute details and the outcome has been pretty neat until

Nexus 7 Usage Figures are ‘Impressive’ – Chitika

The ad company Chitika reports that usage figures coming from the Nexus 7 tablet are very high on its ad network as compared to those coming from the iPad. Specifically, for every 100 impressions from the iPad, there are 0.3 impressions from the Nexus 7 tablet. Of course, 100 is still much greater than 0.3,