Google seemingly interested in designing its own chipset

#Google already stepped into the hardware game with the remarkable #PixelC tablet. A new report now talks of Google’s intentions to step into the mobile SoC game as well, following in the footsteps of #Apple and #Samsung who already develop their own chipsets. Well, it seems like Google’s intention to manufacture its own chipsets stems from

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide Processor

How to Choose a Smartphone Guide: Processor

There so many Smartphones in market nowadays. Each brand or Smartphone model comes with unique features that make them stand out. On the part of consumers, choosing among them can be quite hard. So, if you happened to be overwhelmed and confused as well with the influx of these devices, this guide and the others

Qualcomm to Possibly Purchase AMD

To an extent, I was actually very surprised that Qualcomm was looking to purchase AMD. AMD’s shares rose by nearly ten percent after rumors rose that chip-maker, Qualcomm, could possibly be thinking of purchasing AMD. The rumors were based off of an announcement that AMD had made earlier this week on Tuesday. The company confirmed

T.I. Announces Multi-Core ARM OMAP 4 Chipset

Texas Instrument has some big plans for the first half of next year, they plan on launching a multi-core chip set that will be a rival to those such as the NVIDIA Kal-El and Qualcomm’s quad-core Snapdragon. This new multi-core chip set from TI is said to be using a hybrid architecture that will in turn lead