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Chinese Internet Users Are Going Mobile

China and its over 1-billion population is a dream market for any electronics company. Apparently, the news that there is a 380 million strong desktop Internet user community is a testimony to the fact that the Chinese are voracious when it comes to Internet consumption. But what makes the news even more interesting is the fact that there is a even more strong 388 million internet users community who logs in to the Internet using their cell phones. This must be music to the ears of smartphone makers such as Apple.

China is going through a transition of sorts when it comes to Internet usage. While the total number of users accessing the Internet on a desktop is sliding steadily, mobile Internet users are steadily on the rise. CNNIC deputy director Liu Bing puts the affordability of the cheaper smartphones and their widespread availability to be the reason behind this upsurge of sales. The third quarter of 2011 saw a surge of smartphones shipments to the country. The figure of 24 million units shipped to the country is the highest globally tippingUSAfor that spot.

A market of such magnanimous proportions cannot be left untapped for any length of time and as such the high end of the market has been lapped up by global giants Apple and Samsung. However the middle and the lower segments of the market saw local manufacturers such as Huawei and Xiaomi Technology make their own. With the rapid increase of cell phone users inChina, mobile payments have also picked up. Reports say that more than 44.4 million people had used Internet on their mobile phones to make an online payment. The figure is up 14 million from the end of last year. With a forecasted 18 trillion Yuan ($2.85 trillion), the e-commerce transactional value in 2012 in China is a lucrative proposition for any global business.

Via: China Daily