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Baidu Cloudphone Official Announcement This December 21

Baidu, a Chinese company that mainly provides a Chinese language search engine, has plans of entering the lucrative smartphone market. Rumors that the company will be releasing a smartphone go way back to two years ago with nothing solid coming out until now. The search giant made an announcement recently that they will be hosting

2 Million Units of the iPhone 5 Reportedly Sold In China

The iPhone 5 is Apple’s new flagship device and undoubtedly it has seen plenty of takers ever since it was launched last month. And to further boost the sales of the device, Apple this time around decided to launch the device in several countries making this the widest roll out for an iPhone, ever. Over

Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone revealed, price starts at $2900

South Korean manufacturer, Samsung, recently revealed the new Samsung SCH-W2013 flip phone that comes with a really expensive price tag of $3000. While the company didn’t provide information as to when this device would start selling, it is expected that Chinese flip phone fans are the first ones to own it. Being sold at an

China Unicom To Offer iPhone 5

Chinese consumers who want to purchase the iPhone 5 may get it from China Unicom by the end of the year. In an interview with the tech website, Sohu IT, China Unicom revealed that the phone is scheduled to be launch sometime within the next three month. The exact date, however, is still unknown. China

Dual-SIM Samsung Galaxy Note 2 To Be Offered In China

A dual-SIM version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 will reportedly be sold in China. My Drivers, a Chinese website, had already published images of the special version which shows clearly the two SIM card slots labelled SIM 1 and SIM 2 behind the phablet’s back cover. Chinese consumers can avail of the dual-SIM phablet

Motorola’s Milestone 3 (Droid 3) Hit’s China First

Earlier this month when Sanjay Jha was speaking at the Meryll Lynch/BOA tech conference in New York City he emphasized that Motorola would be focusing on international markets as well as the US for the second half of the year.  That started today with the release of the Motorola Milestone 3.  Now before you get

Samsung Adds Android “Clam shell” Flip to Roster in China

The first Android phone with a more traditional “Clamshell” style flip was released on China’s Telecom’s anycall wireless.  This dual screen device features a small full touch-screen Android experience on the top part of the flip and a full 9 key number pad on the bottom. This will indeed make migration a cinch for those