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Android Auto - Android M

Chevrolet bringing Android Auto to a bunch of its 2016 cars

According to Chevrolet, a large part of its 2016 car lineup will come with Android Auto support by default. More importantly, the company has mentioned that most of these will be included with the vehicle and will be available to the users at no extra cost whatsoever. The car manufacturer is essentially bringing Android Auto to

Wi-Fi Hotspot

AT&T bringing 4G LTE Wi-Fi hotspots to 2015 Chevrolet cars

On the eve of the CES 2014 event, AT&T has just announced the extension of its 4G LTE networks to something a majority of Americans use every day – their cars. According to a new deal struck between AT&T and car maker General Motors, Chevy cars launching in 2015 will come equipped with AT&T’s 4G