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The problem with cheap tablets

The tablet market is a booming one, thanks in part to the presence of cheap tablets that sell for $100 or less. While most of these tablet computers are being sold by no-name or lesser-known companies, some big brands are already starting to market their own sub-$100 tablets, as well. Take for instance HP, with

Rumor: Apple working on cheaper iPhone

Apple makes quality phones, and mostly priced high. In the US, we can get an iPhone for ourselves on contract, which means we don’t pay as much as people overseas. Some countries like India and African countries cannot get smartphones on contract because the system isn’t popular over there, so users are forced to buy

Apple iPhone 5 Users Complaining Of Bendy Frame

Only two months after the Apple iPhone 5 launched in the United States, it is being reported that the device’s aluminum unibody bends in a very distressing way. Some owners had forgotten that their 4-inch Apple smartphone was in their back pocket and proceeded to sit on the device. The result of sitting on it