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Motorola Flip Out and Motorola Charm Stuck At 2.1 Will My Moto Android Get An Upgrade?

Are you one of those owners of a Motorola Charm on T-Mobile or the Motorola Flip Out on AT&T seeing all the Gingerbread excitement, wondering will my phone be invited to the party? Nope! In fact both the Flip Out and the Charm won’t move past Android 2.1.

The one thing we have to say about Motorola is that they are up front when the news isn’t good. They don’t lead users on, once they know they aren’t upgrading a certain device they let the world know via the upgrade list.  Now we know that doesn’t help the sting but at least you know and knowing is half the battle.

In case you’ve missed previous reports the following devices in the US are also stuck on their current version of Android
The Motorola Cliq XT (both T-Mobile and Walmart versions)
Motorola Devour (Verizon)
Motorola I1 (Sprint/Nextel)
Milestone (Cellular South/US Cellular/Other Regionals)

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Motorola Announces Non-Upgrades

Today Motorola Mobility announced that four of their Android devices were stuck on the version of Android that they were running.  Actually last week it was announced in the Motorola forums that the Motorola Cliq Xt on T-Mobile would remain at Android 1.5.

Today it was announced that the Motorola i1 on Sprint-Nextel, the first IDEN equipped Android device would not be upgraded from Android 1.5.  It was also announced that the Motorola Flip Out and The Motorola Charm would stay on Android 2.1

While Motorola offered an explanation explaining that they tried to find the best way to upgrade it was announced that it simply could not be done. This explanation of course is still not good enough for the customers who bought these Android devices and hear talk of Gingerbread, Honeycomb and even Ice Cream Sandwich.

The upgrade has been a big intense debate across websites, forums and twitter. Many Samsung Galaxy S owners in the United States are waiting for their upgrade to Froyo, Android 2.2, while the rest of the world has already received the upgrade.  The Samsung Vibrant on T-Mobile received a Froyo upgrade via a pc link called mini-kies last month, however that left Vibrant owners with less tech savvy and also Vibrant owners who owned Macs, out in the dark and stuck on 2.1

Motorola Mobility broke apart from Motorola on January 4th 2011. With Sanjay Jha as it’s CEO they have been a driving force behind the success of Android. They’ve developed two of the most highly anticipated Android devices ever in the Motorola Xoom tablet on Verizon and the Motorola Atrix4G on AT&T.  With all of this new hardware taking Motorola into a newly competitive landscape it’s tough to see their earlier customers get shut out of upgrades.

Source: Computer World