How to fix Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge “Unfortunately, has stopped” error

The error “Unfortunately, has stopped” seems to start bugging some #Samsung #Galaxy S7 Edge (#S7Edge) owners. This is the first time I’ve encountered this error message and while it’s basically just like any other errors you get when some of your apps crash, the is the most recent service that’s been added to

Galaxy Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS, other issues

Here’s another roundup of issues for the #GalaxyNote5. The first one addresses an issue wherein a Note 5 cannot make a call or send SMS. The rest of the issues have been dealt in our previous posts but we see it as important to provide their solutions in this material again. We hope that this article can

Galaxy S5 not detecting SIM and SD cards, other power boot issues

Here’s another post that answers some questions posed by our readers regarding their #Samsung #GalaxyS5 phones having problems booting up and detecting SIM and SD cards. While power issues are common among many Android phones, we seldom hear an S5 suddenly stops recognizing a SIM and SD cards almost at the same time. Keep reading below