Foursquare For Android Updated To Include Venue Menus

Shortly after announcing their new “Venue Menus”, Foursquare added that their apps would be updated with the service as well. Yesterday, they followed through with this and our Android app has been updated to receive this feature as well as a few bug fixes added in to help the app run smoothly. This means whenever

LG Has An Eco-Friendly 4G/LTE Android Headed To Sprint

The LG Viper 4G/LTE Ecos is headed to Sprint’s new 4G/LTE network right behind the already announced Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The LG device is expected to come in cheaper than the Galaxy Nexus and have a better screen. The Nova touchscreen is brighter than the superAMOLED screen featured on the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The Viper

Samsung Galay S III May Have Made A Cameo Appearance At CES

While we got into the Samsung Press conference it was jam packed to the hilt and very hard to see from the back. Mind you our apps editor Elijah Ketchum and our on-site technician Steve were in line two hours before the press conference. During the press conference Samsung highlighted all aspects of their consumer

Intel Atom Processor Z2460 For Android, Rendering Web Pages VIDEO

Android fans are very excited about Intel’s entry into the Android and smartphone space. Their new Atom Processor (Z2460) looks to offer new standards in speed and performance without compromising battery life. Intel did several demonstrations of the Z2460 processor in their reference design Android device at CES. We’ve seen the device itself, camera burst

Check Out Philips’ Android Docks

Philips has been making a name for themselves in the iPod/iPhone dock world for the past few years. They manufacture music and audio docks for iPods at an affordable price, that sound great. Last year, leading up to CES 2011 we were hoping we would see some Android specific docks, and Philips came through over

Philips Releasing 4 Android Headsets This Spring Take A look Now: VIDEO

Philips was the first company to offer a true Android music dock. Sure there were companies offering 3.5mm, BlueTooth and adapter oriented work arounds but Philips went ahead and designed 4 Android docks, similar to their iPod offerings, but with rotatable mico-usb connectors. Now Philips is introducing new Android Headsets. I know, I know, what

Ballistic’s Shell Gel Cases Now Covering More Androids

Ballistic Case Company’s new “Shell Gel” series of cases are now covering a lot more Android phones. The three layer cases provide shock, drop and roll protection for clumsy, or purchase conscious consumers. The first layer of the case is made of soft silicone and Ballistic’s patented Ballistic Corners. Protecting that layer is a layer

Elijah Meets Justin Bieber At CES

This week at CES the stars were everywhere. First off we were surprised at the Sony press conference with an appearance by actor Wil Smith. Smith was there as Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony was showing off the Sony cameras used to film MIB3. At the same event Sony recording artist and the first

CES 2012 With Power Bag! Wow What A Relief

If you’ve been following Thedroidguy for a while than you know the thing I like most about all products is how they contribute to productivity. Sure fun and entertainment are great but I need to stay productive. Don’t get me wrong the Samsung Galaxy Tabs are awesome for entertainment and I own one. The Galaxy

Intel’s Atom Processor For Android Has Great Theoretic Battery Life

Intel didn’t jump into Android when everyone else did. They took three years to design what they are hoping is the perfect processor to handle all the rigorous processes in an Android device. They also seemed to listen to the Android community, other manufacturers and the consumer when designing their Atom processor for Android devices.

Android Set Top Boxes By iconBit At CES

A Russian company called IconBit has put our favorite little green robot into the set top box. No we’re not talking Google TV we’re talking Android TV like the People of Lava have done with television sets. The IconBit set top boxes come in 4 varieties. The smallest box is just $99 and offers true

VIDEO: Check Out The Sony Xperia Ion

While at CES 2012 in Las Vegas we got a chance to get our hands on the new Sony Xperia S as well as the new Sony Xperia Ion. The Ion is headed to AT&T’s 4G/LTE network in Q2 and packs a powerful punch in an eye-catching sexy frame. The Sony Xperia Ion features a

CES 2012: Check Out The I’m Watch

Smart wearable devices are becoming a popular category this year. Although the Apple iPad Nano was introduced with the ability to go into a wrist watch holder, other Android watches have been bubbling in development longer. The Meta Watch, WIMM module and now the I’m Watch are three of those Android options. The I’m Watch

CES 2012: Check Out Text Rings… Interesting

Here at CES you’ll find things that are just, interesting. Text Rings is one of those. This North Carolina based start up was self funded however they now have some private investors. Their product is part jewlery, part stylus and it’s called Text Rings. These small rings fit on the users thumbs and provide a

CES 2012: The 7″ Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Elijah Broke

At CES 2010 (2 years ago) the show was rampant with Chinese and European “M.I.D’s” which were for lack of better words, really bad excuses for Android tablets. Most ran Android 1.6 and had resistive touch screens that when compared to today’s Android tablets, you had to punch in order to make something happen on

CES 2012: Panasonic’s Tough Pad A1 Durability With A Price

Panasonic, the creators of the ultra rugged “tough” line of laptop computers, has added an Android Honeycomb tablet to the mix. We first learned about the Panasonic ToughPad A1 and B1 back in November.  They were showing off the A1 at CES and we got the opportunity to check it out. Underneath it’s tough exterior