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CES 2014

Samsung AMOLED panels

Samsung could launch a 10.5 inch AMOLED tablet at CES 2014

A rumor yesterday claimed that Samsung was looking to launch four new Android tablets before Q1 2014 and according to a report which has surfaced today, the first of these tablets could be unveiled during the CES event in early January. This tablet will reportedly have a 10.5 inch AMOLED display, making it the biggest

Sony Xperia E2 With LTE Seemingly Confirmed in Benchmark

CES 2014, the go-to event for mobile tech aficionados next January, is fast approaching, and so it’s only natural for the rumor mill to grind at full throttle in regards to the expo’s brightest stars to be. We’ve recently rounded up some of the early suspects, but many have so far kept a low profile,

ASUS Event

ASUS sends out invites for the January 6 event at the CES

ASUS has always taken CES seriously as it is a perfect platform for device announcements. And according to an event invite sent out by the company, the tradition will continue. The event is titled ‘In Search Of Incredible‘ which could be a hint at something new or a unique device like the Padfone and Transformer


LG could be preparing to launch the G2 Mini according to a rumor

Manufacturers have realized that large sized smartphones aren’t for anyone. And to solve this particular problem, Motorola launched the Droid Mini, Samsung came out with the Galaxy S4 Mini, Sony is launching an Xperia Z1 Mini soon and obviously the HTC One Mini which has been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons.

CES 2014 Preview and Rumor Roundup: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

How’s your schedule looking for January 7 to 10? Not packed? Then you probably forgot CES was coming. And I can’t blame you, what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming Christmas deals taking up so much precious time. But the so-called holiday shopping season will soon be done, and once it is, you

Huawei Phopad

Huawei PhoPad could be new phablet at CES 2014

The Huawei PhoPad is the latest in a line of what appears to be a surprisingly large number of permutations that can be created from the words tablet, smartphone, and pad. Already, we have the generic phablet, which we use to refer to smartphones that are around five inches and above; the fonblet, which Samsung

13.3-inch Samsung tablet

13.3-inch Samsung tablet also in the works

A new 13.3-inch Samsung tablet may be on the way, according to a report from Korean media. This is in addition to the 12.2-inch tablet that has also been circulating in the rumor mill lately. Both tablets are supposedly destined to be part of Samsung’s 2014 tablet lineup. New strategy The same source indicates that

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch

Samsung Galaxy S5 launch may be scheduled in January

The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch may be closer than what we have expected. A new rumor revealed by the South Korean publication Naver suggests that the electronics giant may be planning to hold the launch in early 2014, possibly in January. In February 2014, the upcoming flagship device may already hit market shelves. Naver claims


Sony Xperia Z2 (Avatar) leaked a week after Z1 release

Just one week after the Xperia Z1 was revealed by Sony at their IFA event, we already have some specs information about the next in the Xperia Z line, with an ultra high-res display and a possible release date. The Sony Xperia Z2 main feature will be the ultra high-resolution 5.2-inch IGZO Triluminous display, hitting 500

Sony Xperia L4 Togari to take on Samsung Galaxy Note III?

The Sony Xperia L4 Togari is an unreleased device that is believed to be Sony’s answer to the growing number of phablets in the market. Particularly, it is seen to provide competition against the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 3. The GizBot blog claims to have gotten information from Sony during the launch of the Xperia