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CES 2014

Android, CES 2014 and the Internet of Things

Augmented reality glasses. Connected appliances. Connected cars. Motion-capture gaming exoskeletons. Smart watches. These are some of the technologies and innovations I kept close watch over at CES 2014. It can be noted that many of these technologies can be applied to Android, or at least have Android at their core. Even Intel’s thrust to support

ZTE Eco-Mobius Modular Smartphone Gets Displayed At CES 2014

A couple of months ago Motorola announced its plans to develop a modular smartphone called Project Ara. This is a type of smartphone that can be upgraded by the consumer. Let’s say you want a more powerful camera; all you need to do is just buy an upgraded camera kit and replace the existing camera

Huawei Tron Android Game Console Revealed

Just a day after the Chinese government relaxed its 14 year ban on gaming consoles, Huawei has unveiled its own Android game console at the CES 2014. Huawei Tron will remind you of the cylindrical Mac Pro since it has a similar design only smaller. It uses an ARM based processor and connects to a

T-Mobile ETF

T-Mobile will pay off ETF for families who transfer from another network

Ahead of its official announcement today, T-Mobile has confirmed what’s in store for the customers with Uncarrier 4.0. According to an ad which has been circulating on websites for the past few hours, T-Mobile will look to tackle the early termination fee or ETF while customers switch from another carrier. This will provide more motivation

Razer Nabu Is A Fitness Band And Smartwatch

Razer has long been known for its gaming devices and accessories however the company plans to add a new product in the form of a wearable device. At CES 2014 the company announced the Razer Nabu smart band which is a hybrid of a smartwatch and an activity tracker. The Nabu acts as a smartwatch

Connected devices: Will Android be at the center of it all?

CES 2014 is in full force, and we are seeing a handful of interesting launches and updates from different companies. We have a recap of Day 1, with my colleague Adrian Diaconescu highlighting the good parts from a handful of major manufacturers, plus some areas in which the brands are quite lacking. What is interesting

Intel Smartwatch

Intel shows off its smartwatch prototype at CES

Smartwatches have still not caught on with the masses. While the idea is very decent, consumer adoption is key to a project’s success. This has been proven with the Samsung Galaxy Gear or even the recently launched Qualcomm Toq. And Intel is looking to make the best of the situation by launching a smartwatch of

Philips Smart TV

Philips will launch Android powered Smart TVs later this year

Philips has just announced the launch of its Android powered Ambilight televisions in late 2014. These will be Smart TVs and will pack a decent hardware specs sheet to handle graphics heavy titles and games with relative ease. The company mentions that these devices will contain a quad core processor, although it didn’t specify the chipset