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Verizon LG Spectrum Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update finally available for download

If you own an LG Spectrum under Verizon network, there’s a reason to be happy today because Big Red just rolled (finally!) the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for your device. Some owners reported they were able to receive the update early this morning and that the process went smooth and successful.

LG Spectrum was released in January running Android 2.3 Gingerbread with a promise that ICS would soon be rolled out. Back in July, owners should have been excited because the announcement about the update was made but it caused frustration as it was pushed back with both LG and Verizon haven’t provided an ETA. But all of it is over now because everyone can now taste the sweetness of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The Android 4.0 ICS update for Verizon LG Spectrum is a huge package because the core architecture of the OS will be replaced. Typically, it will take around 10 to 15 minutes before the process is completed depending on the speed of your internet connection. So, it is advisable you double check if you have a stable connection before taking the first step. Here are some of the features Spectrum owners can enjoy after the process.

Face Unlock. ICS is the version wherein the facial recognition technology is introduced. You can now unlock your LG Spectrum using your face. You should remember, however, that Face Unlock is more of a convenience or “cool” feature rather than a security feature.

Better, Faster Web Browsing. It’s for real. ICS brings along dramatic improvements when it comes to browsing the web or simply navigating through your phone. While Gingerbread was known to be the most stable Android version, Ice Cream Sandwich comes with hundreds of tweaks and improvements making it way faster than GB and one of the aspects developers focused on is browsing performance.

New User Interface. There are noticeable differences between GB and ICS plus the latter is made even more interactive. The UI should be among the first things you can easily appreciate after the update as everything is almost resizable.

Data Management. You can cap your data usage and set warnings so that you will be notified by the time you reach a certain data threshold. Of course, this is important especially for people who don’t have unlimited data plans.

More Improvements. Bugs have been fixed and almost every aspect of your LG Spectrum is improved. It is logical that the battery would last longer than before. One owner reported his battery can now reach up to 7 hours of straight browsing using 3G network. Of course, that’s way longer than the previous 5.5 hours of browsing based on reviews.

Verizon’s support forum is now busy with people reporting they have already updated their devices. Based on the posts today, only a few are complaining about some errors. If you want to share your experience, we encourage you to visit it. Just find the link below.

[sources: Verizon Support Community]

24 Billion Connected Devices By 2020

As time goes on we see more and more of the future coming into the present. Yesterday we had a call with the CEO of Soasta on cloud based testing. During the call and their presentation for their new cloud based testing offerings Soasta CEO Tom Lounibos brought up the fact that the interactive displays from the movie “Minority Report” that were supposed to arrive near 2020 were here today in 2012. That instantly made me think about the displays and devices in the blockbuster movie Avatar.

Thinking of those two examples make this number released by the GSMA very easy to swallow. As the GSMA counts down to the “connected life” they released a report Monday that suggests we will see 24 billion (with a b) connected devices by 2020 on a global scale.

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Bluestacks Takes Home Best Software Award From CES And Opens Up Beta

Bluestacks is a pretty cool company, why, because they’ve developed PC software to run your favorite Android apps on the PC.

At the recent International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Bluestacks took home the CNET award for best software.  Just prior to CES it was revealed that Bluestacks will also allow you to use your favorite Android apps on the forthcoming Windows 8 platform, several companies are scheduled to release Windows 8 tablets and phones this year.

Bluestacks just opened up their BETA for signups, a Bluestacks spokesperson has confirmed to thedroidguy that the new Bluestacks BETA will let ARM apps like Fruit Ninja, Angry Birds and hundreds of thousands of other ARM based Android apps run, where the ALPHA did not.

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Hands On With The Waterproof Fujitsu Arrows Tablet

The Fujitsu Arrows tablet is already available for sale in Asia. There is a 4G version available in Japan on DoCoMo.  While the inner workings of the Fujitsu Arrows tablet are inline with several Honeycomb tablets available stateside there are a couple features that make this a stand out tablet.

First off the waterproofing. The Fujitsu tablet is fully submersible and at CES they demonstrated that by keeping the tablet submerged for nearly 10 minutes. That’s not all though, the docking connectors and the 3.5mm headset jack don’t have covers, yet Fujitsu insists that the tablet is not damaged by water getting into either of those areas. As the young lady showing us the water demo says, it’s one of the “Fujitsu secrets”.

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Samsung Galay S III May Have Made A Cameo Appearance At CES

While we got into the Samsung Press conference it was jam packed to the hilt and very hard to see from the back. Mind you our apps editor Elijah Ketchum and our on-site technician Steve were in line two hours before the press conference.

During the press conference Samsung highlighted all aspects of their consumer electronics business. but somehow we missed this.

According to reports on the internet, during the Samsung press conference they talked about a camera that goes by the model number WV850F during the presentation for that camera a handset popped on the screen you can see it at 7:10 in the video. It’s possible that handset is the Samsung Galaxy S III.

Mobile World Congress is just about six weeks away. It’s at MWC in Barcelona where the OEM’s show off most of the forthcoming hardware for 2012. We are definitely expecting an announcement from Samsung and it’s sure to be the Samsung Galaxy S III.

source: Sammobile via PA

Check Out Philips’ Android Docks

Philips has been making a name for themselves in the iPod/iPhone dock world for the past few years. They manufacture music and audio docks for iPods at an affordable price, that sound great. Last year, leading up to CES 2011 we were hoping we would see some Android specific docks, and Philips came through over the summer.

Philips four Android docks run the gamut in pricing and features.

Philips has a large boombox style dock that retails for $199. They have a smaller version of that dock for the bedside as well. Philips also has an alarm clock dock and another more contemporary flatter Android dock.

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Audi To Feature Nvidia Tegra 3 In Next Generation Infotainment Systems & Instrument Clusters

Automakers are starting to implement more and more digital infotainment systems and digital instrument clusters. Ford, Kia, Mercedes, Cadillac and more are integrating smart phones and smartphone like functionality into their newest cars. In fact Cadillac showed off their new Cue system at CES Unveiled in New York in November and again at CES 2012 in Las Vegas.

Audi has announced that they are preparing a new infotainment system and a new digital instrument cluster. Both of these new systems will be powered by Nvidia’s Tegra 3 processor.  Audi will utilize the Nvidia Tegra 3 processor in all new car models starting in 2013.

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Check Out Burst Photo Powered By Intel’s Atom Processor For Android VIDEO

At CES 2012 Intel showed off their reference design featuring their Atom processor for smartphones and Android devices.  We got to take a look at the device itself, the battery life and now their burst camera shot.

There are a few Android phones out there that have burst camera features already. With Intel’s burst camera feature you can take 10 shots in as little as three seconds.

Intel Atom processors are expected in Lenovo Android devices that will be released in Europe and Asia. In the US we are looking forward to seeing the results of an Intel/Motorola partnership, also announced at CES.

Philips Releasing 4 Android Headsets This Spring Take A look Now: VIDEO

Philips was the first company to offer a true Android music dock. Sure there were companies offering 3.5mm, BlueTooth and adapter oriented work arounds but Philips went ahead and designed 4 Android docks, similar to their iPod offerings, but with rotatable mico-usb connectors.

Now Philips is introducing new Android Headsets. I know, I know, what makes it an Android headset? Well I’m going to tell you.

Philips has optimized their headsets to work with Android devices via a proprietary app. The app will allow you to answer calls and control calls while using a Philips Android Headset. That’s not all though, the Philips Android Headset collection also allows you to play, stop, go back and skip songs in Android music apps.

Finally, Philips has added a color wheel like mixer to optimize the lows, mids, and highs and equalize your music on a Philips Android Headset.

There are four models to choose from. There are three in ear headsets and one over the ear pair. Check out the video!

Philips says the headsets will be available in early Spring 2012

Elijah Meets Justin Bieber At CES

This week at CES the stars were everywhere.

First off we were surprised at the Sony press conference with an appearance by actor Wil Smith. Smith was there as Sir Howard Stringer, CEO of Sony was showing off the Sony cameras used to film MIB3.


At the same event Sony recording artist and the first American Idol, Kelly Clarkson dazzled the media with an acoustic performance of her hit “Mr. Know It All”.

We also saw 50 Cent, LL Cool J, Dennis Rodman, Earth Wind & Fire, Eliza Dushku, Felicia Day and more.

On Wednesday though, our apps editor Elijah Ketchum got to meet pop sensation, Justin Bieber. Bieber was at the Tosy booth to promote a new media and entertainment robot that will be available in time for Christmas 2012.

Bieber’s girl friend Selena Gomez wasn’t on hand for CES however a company called Postcard On The Run, which Gomez heavily invested in, was exhibiting in Eureka Park.

CES 2012 With Power Bag! Wow What A Relief

If you’ve been following Thedroidguy for a while than you know the thing I like most about all products is how they contribute to productivity. Sure fun and entertainment are great but I need to stay productive.

Don’t get me wrong the Samsung Galaxy Tabs are awesome for entertainment and I own one. The Galaxy
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Intel’s Atom Processor For Android Has Great Theoretic Battery Life

Intel didn’t jump into Android when everyone else did. They took three years to design what they are hoping is the perfect processor to handle all the rigorous processes in an Android device. They also seemed to listen to the Android community, other manufacturers and the consumer when designing their Atom processor for Android devices.

There commitment to build a great processor for Android is evident in the theoretic battery life. Check out the video above to see the bar they’ve set for the Intel Atom Processor for Android devices and smartphones.

We Go Hands On With Intel’s Atom Processor For Android Reference Device

A little while back, during the Intel Developer’s Conference, Google’s Andy Rubin announced that Intel was developing Atom processors specifically for Android devices.

Intel’s entry into the processor business for Android phones pits them against the likes of Qualcomm, Nvidia, Samsung and Texas Instruments. All of which have been powering Android for quite some time.

Intel is of course one of the leaders in the manufacturing of silicon chips for computers and other devices.

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VIDEO: Check Out The Sony Xperia Ion

While at CES 2012 in Las Vegas we got a chance to get our hands on the new Sony Xperia S as well as the new Sony Xperia Ion. The Ion is headed to AT&T’s 4G/LTE network in Q2 and packs a powerful punch in an eye-catching sexy frame.

The Sony Xperia Ion features a 1.5ghz dual core processor, 16gb of internal storage, and a 4.6″ display powered by Sony’s mobile Bravia engine and 1280×720 true HD display.

At Monday night’s Sony press conference it was revealed that after Sony closes on the proposed buyout of Ericsson, Sony’s phone division will be known as Sony Mobile Communications. The Sony Xperia Ion should be the first phone under that branding.

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