Best early 2016 Android smartwatches money can buy

The signs were there for a pretty long time, but it wasn’t until the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show kicked off in Las Vegas a few weeks back that we realized how wearables had graduated from experimental companion devices to mainstream-oriented tech headliners. Quick, can you name a tablet introduced at CES that stuck with you

The ten best (and cheapest) Android gadgets to buy post-holidays

One of the most irritating, debated, often echoed and outright bogus myths of the 21st century retail world is the so-called post-holidays slump. Slump, slip, decline, recession, whatever, it’s just not real. Yes, some people tighten the belt after excessively spending during the holidays, and some retailers avoid January price cuts after slimming down their

CES 2015 recap: All the new Android smartphones showcased in Vegas

Don’t let your calendars fool you. Even though the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show is technically scheduled to run through January 9, the glamorous unveiling festivities are very much over. And I know what you Android addicts are thinking. Man, this was a disappointing trade fair. No next-gen Samsung Galaxy S flagship, no LG G4, no

CES 2014: Pre-Show Announcement Roundup

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas is barely underway, yet rivers of (virtual) ink have already been spilled in regards to new, fancy gizmos set to be showcased at the glitzy expo. And I’m not just talking about unauthorized information leaks, reports based on confidential sources or bogus speculation. That’s merely the tip

CES 2014 Preview and Rumor Roundup (Revisited and Updated)

In a way, the scheduling of the year’s first major electronics and technology event just as everyone is struggling to sober up recuperate after Christmas and New Year celebrations is legitimately unfortunate. More so as it’s become a tradition for many key CES players to jump the gun and lay all their cards on the

Sony D203

Two new Sony smartphones leaked via AnTuTu Benchmarks

Only yesterday did we come across a few Sony Xperia model numbers including the Xperia Tablet Z LTE, with launch possibly scheduled for CES and MWC 2014. And a new revelation coming from the AnTuTu benchmarks app has revealed two more Sony smartphones with the model numbers D2004 and D2303. The latter is a mid-range

What To Expect From Samsung in H1 2014: Rumor Roundup

Year-end rundowns and recaps would be nothing without previews and rumor roundups, and so, after compiling lists with the Android best of the best and also the worst of worst in 2013, it’s time to look ahead at what’s coming in 2014. Hopefully, less flops, more home-runs. As we’ve learned, the leading candidate for both

Sony Xperia E2 With LTE Seemingly Confirmed in Benchmark

CES 2014, the go-to event for mobile tech aficionados next January, is fast approaching, and so it’s only natural for the rumor mill to grind at full throttle in regards to the expo’s brightest stars to be. We’ve recently rounded up some of the early suspects, but many have so far kept a low profile,

CES 2014 Preview and Rumor Roundup: Let’s Get Ready to Rumble

How’s your schedule looking for January 7 to 10? Not packed? Then you probably forgot CES was coming. And I can’t blame you, what with Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the upcoming Christmas deals taking up so much precious time. But the so-called holiday shopping season will soon be done, and once it is, you

CES 2013: ASUS Enters The Google TV Market With Qube

ASUS officially announced the ASUS Qube at CES today. We’ve seen hints of the Qube weeks prior to CES from the FCC. Not long after the device was spotted at the FCC Google announced that ASUS would be manufacturing a Google TV. ASUS promises to reveal more information about Qube later today, but so far all we’ve

Corning Gorilla Glass 3 To Debut At CES

Smartphone displays are about to get tougher as Corning has announced that they will be unveiling their latest product called the Gorilla Glass 3 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES).  While you might think that the current Gorilla Glass 2 is already tough wait till you meet its successor which the company says offers three

Nokia Wont Showcase Its Products At CES, Will Focus on MWC Instead

Nokia is known more for its Windows Phone devices now, rather than the traditional Symbian devices which made the company so popular in the first place. Since it doesn’t have a device coming out every month like most OEMs, it requires a certain platform to showcase its device launches and grab as many eyeballs as

Huawei To Launch a 5-inch 1080p Smartphone at CES 2013

Huawei has been known to take people by surprise with its smartphones, especially with its pricing. The Chinese manufacturer renowned for making modems and other networking related equipment stepped into the smartphone scene a few years ago. And with each passing year, the company has grown immensely and managed to impress one and all. We’re