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Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside confirms Moto X, the first smartphone to be assembled in US

Today at the AllThingsD conference, Motorola CEO Dennis Woodside officially confirmed their next flagship device, Moto X. Till now, Motorola had been silent regarding their next flagship device and many even though that their next device would be the rumored Google X Phone.

moto x phone concept

Looks like the Google X Phone is the Moto X flagship phone itself, so we may see some features similar to the rumored specs. The striking thing about the device is not its design or specs (which are not yet officially revealed), but the fact that it would be the first Smartphone to be fully assembled in the country.

When they say they’ll assemble the Smartphone in the country, they mean it. According to the CEO, the assemble would not be just limited to a few units, in fact all the Moto X phones sold in the country would be assembled in the country itself. The major advantage of having the factory so close by is that the company’s designers can respond to the purchasing demands and deliver services much more quickly than their previous phones.

But Smartphones sold outside the country would be made by their regular manufacturing partner, Flextronics via their factories in Brazil and China.

He further adds that the device would be broadly distributed among number of carriers which is a rare case for Motorola phones.

He also said that he had a prototype Motorola device in his pocket, but he didn’t offer to show it to the public. Looks like we’ll have to wait till late summer to get a glimpse of this new device.

At the conference, he said a few things about the company and its future but never mentioned any specs or details of the device. When asked with the problem of common battery issue of smartphones these days, he said, “I’ll save the details for later, but battery life is a huge problem. Motorola has some of the world’s best engineers and systems designers who spend their lives on that problem. There are two processors in the device that creates a system that allows you to do such a thing.”

So, Moto X may finally solve the problem of battery life with a large battery like that on the Razr Maxx HD or an efficient one which optimizes power use.

Anyways, we are quite excited to finally hear about Moto X and we hope that the Smartphone brings out some new features in the industry.